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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Better This Way" or "Reassurance"

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You have to see the positive in any situation. 

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“Oh Miss! Miss!  Would you come here a moment?  Perhaps you can help me with something.  I’m trying to reassure my friend.  Tell me what you see.”

“She’s a very cute, natural beauty.  And I love her outfit!  It’s got a posh simplicity that I could NEVER pull off.”

“Would you believe she’s never worn makeup in public before?”

“She probably doesn’t need it!  Look at those cheekbones.  Honey, if I looked half as good as you when I was your age I could have gotten a better husband.  You’re such a beauty!

“Thank you, I really appreciate it.  My friend just needed to hear how pretty she is from another voice.”  The older woman walked away from the counter while Celeste smiled down at the blonde in the salon chair.  As soon as the older woman was out of earshot, Celeste leaned closer to the blond and whispered.  “I told you that you pass the eye test.  No one could possibly see you as a man.  You’ll be perfect as my PA.  Now maybe you will believe me when I tell you what’s good for you.”
 Celeste waited for some sort of rebuttal, but Jay offered none.  It was hard to argue with her at this point.  She has proven her point.  There was some small part of him that wanted to resist but he couldn’t find the voice.  All of his arguments felt hollow against the evidence that was his reflection.  The older woman had proven what Celeste has been saying all along; that he wasn’t much of a man.  No man would look so good in a skirt and heels.  No man should disappear with a little cosmetic application.  No man should walk so gracefully in women’s clothing.  Most of all, no man should LIKE these things.  The cool swish of stockings rubbing together shouldn’t excite Jay, nor should the feeling of his manicured fingers on a new purse.  But they did and Celeste had used all of those things to peel away Jay’s defenses.  Perhaps it was best that she had bested him.  At least this way he no longer had to pretend he didn’t enjoy what she had done to him. 


  1. Nothing like a strangers positive comments to make a sissy feel good about being out in public.

  2. A great confidence booster to the subject.


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