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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Dance of Choice" or "Pas De Deux"

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Have you ever danced with the devil . . . . in a blue dress?

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What would be your final straw?  What would it take for you to surrender to your deepest fantasy?


I don’t see what’s so hard about this. You know what’s at stake and yet you persist.  Obviously all your defiance was a ruse.  You said you didn’t want this, that the whole idea was merely for fun.  You said no male would consciously give up his manhood for a chance to play at such an extreme fantasy.  You said that you wouldn’t risk everything to REALLY play at being prima ballerina pet girl.  And yet here you are. . reaching for the shoes.

I told you what the panties would do and you slid them up without a second thought.  I warned you what wearing the tutu would do and you didn’t even blink when your body softened and shrunk.  The hairband. . well, we see how cute you’ve turned out because of that one.  But the shoes are the worst.  Tie them on and you lose it all.  You will be surrendering your free will. . . all to be a plaything.  This is the Rubicon - no turning back.   You will belong to ME.  You’ve seen what I do with my playthings. 

Ah, so that’s your choice.  It was also your last.  Come along, little ballerina.  I want you to dance for me before I make you squeal into the night.

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  1. In a word: exquisite.

    In many words, add a bunch of "very"s to the front.

  2. Most exquisitely realized, Mistress.
    As for Your discussion, given the recent changes in my life, i think the thing that would cause me to surrender to my deepest fantasy would be dominant daddy dressing me in pretty pastels from lingerie to frilly dress and shoes as his poppet showering me with his love and affection as he slid it all on me.


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