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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Mermaid's Whisper" or "The Ocean's Blessing"

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A good swim never hurt anyone.

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The first gasps of air felt like blessings to Erik.  His coltish legs buckled, the tattered shirt clinging to his new body like he clung to the rock for support.  Wet hair fell into his eyes as his vision adjusted to the surface, the first thing that came into focus was his bountiful, lush bosom.

He had felt his svelte form in the water as he swam through the choppy waters of the storm.  Tossed from the ship just as it snapped in two, Erik desperately tried to fight the mountainous waves.  He was swept under, reaching for the surface when he felt it;  a pair of soft lips brushing against his.   The drowning sailor felt oxygen fill his lungs as the intimate act continued, warmth flowing through his body and fighting off the icy chill of the ocean. The sweet embrace of his watery lover soothed him, at first letting him accept the inevitable but he only felt safety and hope. 

“Be one with the sea,” the dulcet voice in his head crooned. “Flow with the waves and follow my voice.”

Erik listened to the voice, flowing with the storm’s tempestuous waves.  The water flowed over his body, shaping him as he followed the tender whispers.  His limbs lost mass but he never felt stronger.  Soon the storm was gone and Erik was almost joyous as he flashed through the waves like never before.  He felt he could swim forever! 

Now he was here, the whispers clear but owner still unseen. .  Yet he FELT her presence. . . and others like her.

“Our island your safe haven,” the feminine voice flowed to Erik from the waves.  “My gentle kiss giving you the blessing of our gifts.  Take heed, sister, for the sea will always bring this feminine blessing out of you.  Here you may wait until a ship come near. . . or join us, the daughters of the sea, as a new mermaid.   The choice is yours, sister…”


  1. Loving water and mermaids, this Cap fired my imagination in so many ways. As I said on Haven, I loved the mix of the turbulent and the sensual in this, so much like the waves and the calm beneath them. Probably one of my recent favorites. Where's that Love button???

    1. Absolutely perfect way to describe this story, Tamara. The writing perfectly blended the despair and struggles of the man with the beauty and peacefulness of the woman. Well done, Simone!!


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