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Saturday, October 5, 2013

20 Words Or Less: Elise

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A Bevy of captions and word play.  Also, a special guest offers her captions for you to enjoy.

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A little while ago I posted "Seven Sexy Sins" as a mini cap series.  On that post I asked people to submit their own captions using only 20 words or less. Well Elise submitted five!  As a reward, I decided to let her indulge a her fantasy of stockings with these two mini captions.  I'm also posting her captions below.  Also, if you enjoy stockings and sexy girlish fun, I would suggest you check out her blog.  While in this case she was only participating in my challenge, Elise is a VERY descriptive writer and has done some lovely CD/bodysuit type fantasies I love.  Also, tell her you like her work here if you enjoyed them!

Created by Elise.  Click to view full size caption

Created by Elise.  Click to view full image

Created by Elise.  Click to view full size

Created by Elise.  Click to view full size

Created by Elise.  Click to view full size.


  1. Such great talent out there, Mistress. I really enjoyed Elise's captions

  2. Thank you, you always have such alluring photos and sensual captions. It is nice to see a short caption occasionally. Some out there seem to ramble on with their words. It was a pleasure to grab a quickie.

  3. I love the 20-word concept... I might even give it a shot myself :)

    None of these really push my buttons, but I have to admit I did enjoy both of your two as well as Elise's "apologize"...

    THANK you...


  4. I love Elise's "20 Words or less" Caps!! She did an excellent job of matching the image and summing up the story with very few words in these!!!


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