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Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Who Indeed" or "The Answers At Last"

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It was Co. Sissy with the lipstick in the bedroom on her knees....

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I haven't done captions just for the sake of doing them in a while, so some of the next few will be more of what I simply feel like doing.  You dear readers will be along for the ride so I hope you enjoy it.  In this case, it will be a sissy fantasy.  I like seeing boys turned into prissy pretty things so here is one of them.


He had wondered for weeks who was responsible for his plight. 

Who had ordered those burly men to snatch Charlie from his hotel room under the shroud of night?  He captors told him very little. At first he asked questions but they were either ignored or punished.   After receiving a few spankings from the orderlies, Charlie learned to keep his mouth shut.

Still the questions never left Charlie’s mind.  He wondered as his limbs lost what little muscle tone he had and turned slender and soft.  Who wanted him to mince around in heels?  Who paid for the finishing school headmistress that made sure his makeup was perfect and his hair was immaculate?  Why did they keep his clitty locked away in a cock cage and wrapped in silk panties?  Why were they conditioning him to become more and more feminine?  The defiant questions eventually faded from his mind, replaced with silent compliance for his strict captor’s expectations.  It went on for months until "Charli" was nothing but a swishy, mincing, obedient, pretty sissy.  The questions about his captors were long forgotten until one day "Charli" got an unexpected visitor.

“Hello Charles,” his wife’s sweet voice said from behind the glass.  “It looks like my new boyfriend’s money went to good use.  You are better than I imagined you will be.”

Some answers at last.


  1. Great cap Simone! You do spin a wonderful tale of enforced sissy delight, and as always your deign matches and enhances your beautiful image selection!

    I meet the height requirements, I watched my step getting in, I'll ensure that my hands and feet are inside at all times... I think I'm going to enjoy this ride!

  2. Usually the story catches my eye or makes me think of something to comment on first, but I have to say as much as I love the story for it's reveal at the end, the design is WOW. It manages to look both feminine and clinical at the same time, like the point of view of someone actually trapped in a lab.

  3. An enjoyable tale of sissification spun in your refreshing way.


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