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Monday, September 30, 2013

"Dirty Secret" or "Shower Seduction" [Explicit]

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She's not hiding it anymore.

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I did this caption from the perspective of an outsider instead of the new girl.  Who do you like telling the story when it comes to TG fiction?  Do you have a preference? 

She stood there, hip cocked to the side with her chest thrust out towards me. Her new tits peeked thru the wet tee clinging to her chest.  As she licked her wet pink lips, I pulled at my collar with my finger, my parched throat in desperate need of moisture.  My roommate’s big doe eyes stared at me with a hunger I had never witnessed before.

“I’m tired of waiting on you, baby,” Serena whispered in that husky voice that drove me nuts.  “We’ve been doing this dance for months now, Markie.  I feel your eyes on me every time I walk into the room and I’ve been dying for you to do something.”  I glanced down at the clitty between her creamy thighs, feeling that familiar twinge in my pants. I should have wanted to run away but I took a step towards her.  “You’ve been afraid haven’t you?”  she cooed.  “Afraid of who I used to be and who I’ve become.  Well, this is all of me, babe; Nate is no more and I think you like that.”  She clutched her plump breasts, pressing them together.  “ My girls are coming along nicely haven’t they?  The doctor says they will get bigger.  You want to see that don’t you?

“You know I do.”

“Oh yes, handsome, I can see very well,” she teased as her eyes glanced down at my crotch.  “So now that you’ve seen my clitty and you know you still want me, why don’t you come and take a shower with me?”  My hands shook as I stood there, watching Serena’s chest rise and fall, daring me to walk out.  She knew I was going to stay even before I took off my pants.  She licked those plush lips again and smiled triumphantly when my cock sprang out.  I wordlessly got into the shower, turning on the hot water as she pressed her soft body against my chest.  Things were about to get really interesting and they would never be the same.


  1. Great caption. I'm not particularly fussed from whose perspective the story is being told from so long as it reads true to the caption concept, which as from the outside in this caption it does well. It could easily of been the thoughts of one who seduced or transformed which I could identify with.

  2. First of all, very nice and straightforward caption. I'm liking the powerful and more simple layout, really eye-popping :)

    As for the discussion question, I have no preference. I just hope that from whatever perspective the story gets told, that it gets told well, and gives you some insight into one or more of the characters' thoughts... Like this one :)



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