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Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Questioning The Obvious" or "What Was Known All Along"

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You already know the answer.

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Discussion:  Obviously the desire to experience femininity is an escape.  how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?  Into full on fantasy?  or perhaps something more grounded in reality?


Jill watched patiently as her wife rode her lover’s shaft.  The changeling had NEVER seen such an expression of uninhibited bliss on her wife’s face before.  But it would soon be Jill’s turn and they would trade places.  She was going to get penetrated by a real cock.  Fucked.  Yielding to a cock and letting it bring her pleasure.   She had done so much  and come so far but this would be the final experience.  It would be her final fantasy brought into reality.  She couldn't help but slide her fingers across her pussy in anticipation.  But still she wondered if she could go back.

Would she have the same drunken look of joy on her face?  Would she like it as much as her wife did?  Perhaps she would like it TOO much.  What if she were overwhelmed by the rapturous pleasure of being mounted by a true bull?  Would the intense passion somehow shift her thoughts towards the feminine?  Could she return to being a man as if nothing had happened?  Would her and her wife be able to leave the events of this weekend behind?  All their debaucherous acts they had committed together had etched themselves into Jill’s spirit.  She would never forget them and she never WANTED to.  Transforming into Jill had freed all of her most innermost desires.  Changing back into a man would be like trying to hide the sun by closing flimsy curtains.

In her heart, she knew the answers, but she did not cloud her desire.  When the time came, she would  slide her soft folds onto his cock and let her old life drown within the abyss of femininity.  This man would be the first of many they would share.


  1. Joyful sensuous prose matched to an excellent choice of images. A+.
    Discussion: I'll write you a short essay on my Tumblr but to me the realization of the fantasy requires it to be grounded in reality simply because without that, it simply can't happen. It's more a question of how to create an environment one can gown down that rabbit hole.

  2. I think you should always go as far as your nerves well let you. of course once some bridges are crossed there is no going back so better to think with the brain not the heart and remember that your life well probably be just as shitty on the other side

  3. For me it will always remain a fantasy - an elegant and erotic fantasy. Because I would be so very disappointed if the real-life version was not as gorgeous as the fantasy.

  4. I think I have to embrace the fantasy side completely. To me, the realism of it is learning to accept my emotions and desires about it, and embrace them in a positive, beneficial way to my own self.


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