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Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Picking Against The Odds" or "Gale Force Girlification"

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May the odds be forever out of your favor.

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Discussion:  What type of event would you want to be thrust into as a new "female?"  Prom night cutie?  Perhaps the classic cheerleader.  Maybe a bridesmaid for a wedding or even the bride herself?  None of these are new, but perhaps you have something different in mind. . . .


“Ooooh, that’s the one!  THAT’S the dress!  We’ve been trying everything in the store and you go and pick the perfect outfit on your first try!  It’s like I’ve been telling you, Sara:  you’re a natural.”  Jay wanted to sigh, but he wouldn’t dare.  The behavior he’d learned from Kalie’s posture lessons simply would not allow it.  So he strode toward the end of the aisle, “heel-toe heel-toe” like his teacher/tormentor always demanded, and gave her a little pose.  Kalie clapped and smiled, eyes full of satisfaction. “You are going to be a hit at the prom.  You’ll fit right in with the rest of the girls, hun!”

Jay had learned to hide his disappointment over the last few months.  No matter what he did, all his efforts to resist the hurricane of charisma that was Kalie had only sucked him deeper into the maelstrom.  He had picked this gown because it was the most girlish thing he could find. Surely he would look so ridiculous in it that Kalie would realize this wasn’t what she wanted and would give up her dress up games.  And yet, Jay couldn’t deny how well the slinky garment fit him.  The empire waist not only created the illusion of a bust but also gave him a feminine shape.  Most of all, it showed off his smooth, coltish legs as he glided around in heels.  He wasn’t just cute; he was STUNNING. 

Still, Jay should have seen it coming.  All the evidence had pointed to him being a better girl than boy.  Kalie had been on a crusade to prove it ever since the day he had gone to her house to help tutor her in math.  He hadn’t been there ten minutes before she had seduced him into a pair of panties.  With her beauty, poise and personality, Kalie always got what she wanted.  She had turned her charms on Jay to make him into her personal beauty makeover project.  No amount of protest could deter her and she was not above subtle blackmail to coax Jay into more “Sara time.”

But he couldn’t deny that there was a part of him that enjoyed it:  The way the dress swished around his long legs.    The arch of his feet in heels.  The taste of his glossy lips and how they looked in the mirror when he touched them up.  The silky feeling of his body every time he took a bubble bath. There was something so seductive about the whole experience and it scared Jay to realize it was getting to him. 

The shame of it all was that Jay didn’t know how much longer he could deny his love of being Sara.  Kalie was closer to getting her way than she realized.


  1. Sara will be Jay's destiny I rather suspect.
    As for Your question it could well be Classic cheerleader (something i'm sure You could have some fun with) or Uniformed junior high school girl

  2. I must say I am struck by the turn in your writing... You've always been able to to write whatever style you wished,, but I LIKE the increased emphasis on the less-sexualized cd/sissy captions... I REALLY do :)

    Scrumptious images, and delightful "reluctant" story ")

    On your question, I'm a fan of pretty much all of the classics: A formal dance (Prom/Homecoming), cheerleading at a football game, attending class as a uniformed schoolgirl, being a bride or bridesmaid, Halloween/Cosplay events, Beauty Pageant, Fashion Model runway, even serving a party of friends and/or family as a maid or waitress... They all have at least some appeal. It's difficult to pick a favorite... Probably a formal dance.... The thought of slow dancing with my lover is just too exquisite....

    Thanks for the cap and the question!


    1. It's been my mood lately. I like shifting back and forth through a few different ideas and tropes. It also seems that there are more people on the haven who enjoy less overtly sexualized stories. The CD element is a lot of fun to write, particularly when I play with certain ideas. I'm curious to see what you think of a few other ones I've done in recent months.

  3. Even more well written than most of your work. You really stepped it up here. Was it written for Sarine/Belladonna? I always try to up my game when I'm writing for her.

    For some situation that hasn't been mentioned up above, I would go with Music Video Vixen from the mid to late 80s or Burlesque performer/dancer.

  4. Absolutely love that second to last paragraph. I want to be in a any situation where I can experience that. Perhaps at a cocktail party fundraiser full of wealthy and beautiful people, and I'm dressed in a little black dress, and my looks and my confidence make me the woman that men adore and other women envy.

  5. As much as I hate Reality TV, I would adore being female on a Talent Show. The tears, the emotions, the girl bonding. Dancing or singing, I think. Also being just at a huge festival or carnival as a girl would be a blast. The lights, the sounds, the food.

    I LOVE the twin images book ending the Cap. It's very delicious, both the images and the double dose. Not sure why yet, but it really caught my eye. Maybe because it feels like we are getting more a glimpse at her? Two moods, caught in two photos?? Or more a progression into her own femininity. Nevertheless, it works on multiple levels for me!!


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