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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"A Teaching Moment" or "Privilege Revoked"

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The opportunity to learn

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Well your little magical rampage has caused quite a disturbance.  I have twenty havenites trying to learn how to navigate heels thanks to your magic laced captions!

Haven magic is a privilege - NOT A TOY!  We cannot tolerate members using their feminizing powers haphazardly.  So you’ll be on a two month magic probation AND you will serve some time as MY personal aide.  As you well know, my aides must be as feminine and attractive as possible.  I want you to consider this time you spend as a girl as a learning experience and not a punishment.  If you can understand what your victims will go through, then perhaps you’ll think twice before you infusing your captions with spells!

I’m also arranging for you to stay in one of our special dormitories while you are on probation.  I’m going to place you in the same room as one of your victims.  Perhaps seeing Wendy struggle with what you did to her will give you something to think about!  I hope you both can get along.  Who knows; you might actually help each other as new girls.  Now off with you!  Let this teach you a lesson!

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  1. Oh Mistress Simone this is so up my alley in some many ways. Smashing!


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