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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Whispers In The Wind" or "Hair Blowin' In The Breeze"

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A breeze on the horizon

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The wind carries many things.  A feather from a bird, a leaf from a tree. . . even the careless whisper from a witch.  This was the case on a windy day in the park when a spell meant to punish failed to hit it’s mark.  Instead of targeting the young witch’s cheating boyfriend, the magic words flew off on a strong gust of wind and spiraled towards an unsuspecting Jeff walking down the sidewalk.

The gale wind was so strong it stopped the young Jeff in his tracks.  He stumbled for a moment and pulled his jacket to his body.  But as the wind blew through his brown hair, he felt a few faint whispers tickle his ear.  The words hit him as hard as the wind did, causing his knees to buckle. Jeff groaned as his hair tingled, flowing out longer as the whispers caught up to him.  The next word made him squeal as he pulled his jacket to his chest.  Jeff’s chest pulsed with each breath, filling his shirt with two soft mounds.  The next word slammed into Jeff and the warmth spread to the rest of his body.  This time his brown locks shifted to bright copper.  One by one, a new word brought a new change:  Creamy smooth skin, wide eyes, a shapely figure.  Eventually the final word hit him and he blinked, his mind shuffling to accommodate the new changes.   

The spell was finished, but the wind still blew.  Jinny didn’t let it bother her, she loved the feeling of the wind blowing in her hair.  She felt like it was the world trying to tell her something.  She wasn’t sure what but she loved to hear the voice of the world swirling around her.

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  1. Jinny was so much better than Jeff could ever be. Nice caption, Mistress


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