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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Seven Sexy Sins - Written Word Wickedness

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Which Sin Are You?

A few weeks ago, one of the Rachel's Haven members created a thread called "20 Words Or Less" (Log In required to view) that challenged people to create effective captions using only 20 words.  Some wonderful captions came out of this and many of the haven's hidden talents showed their stuff.  I tried my own hand at it, first starting with "Pride" as a stand alone.  but then I decided to play with the concept of the seven deadly sins.  Using the 20 word limit, I created one caption representing each Sin with some sort of TG twist.  Some are implied magic, other are implied CD.  Some are left more to the imagination.  I hope all are entertaining.

Here's my discussion for you: 

If transformed into a woman sissy or shemale, which Sin would you represent and why?

Also, Challenge - Create a caption using only 20 words or less. . . if you email them to me and enough come in, I'll consider posting some standouts later.  Impress me so you can impress other readers. 



  1. Very well constructed set.

    I think I would probably fall under Pride. I tend to want to feel as pretty as I can. Although if I kept my sex drive I could see Lust in play too.

  2. Pride, definitely pride. No contest. Good set of caps, very well laid out.

    Only twenty words? I couldn't manage that!


  3. Really enjoyed the read, Simone, and the 20 word limit is a very interesting challenge. I'm with Ambyr and Amanda on this one. A toss-up between pride and lust. Probably pride, as many of my fantasies aspire to godesshood. Largely your fault, by the way. :)

  4. Great concept, Mistress. i have a feeling it would be lust because quite simply it's that the i couldn't help feeling and acting upon.

  5. Gluttony, Envy.
    I'd most certainly never be able to stop myself from taking advantage of how men treat me.

  6. Lust or Sloth. Being the kept wife that only serves her man, no more rat race, just bliss in the arms of a Master or Mistress, devoted to pleasure and amusement.

  7. Amazing job on each and every caption! I'm impressed how well you could tell the story in under 20 words. I really need to work on brevity after seeing how well it can be done!

    I think I would be Pride (proud to display my femininity by wearing beautiful clothes to show off the beautiful body) or Gluttony (can a woman ever really have enough hosiery in her drawers or shoes in her closet??)

  8. It’s nice to see the caption set all together like this with no separation. The whole series really is fantastic!

    As for the sin, I’d have to say pride... with just a touch of envy.

  9. I'd be an even mix of pride and greed.

    A trial for pride (or maybe greed!): http://www.teenchickpics.com/girls/x-art/nude81/gallery1/13.jpg

    "Erin had bet Luke $500 he couldn't seduce Steve in a week. Erin hadn't known about the gender-swap bracelets."

    1. Sorry, wrong pic!



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