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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flavor Of The Month: July

I have been busy of late, but I did get some lovely work out for you all to read.

Top 5 For The Month

  1.  "Family Practice (Makes Perfect!)" or "Fitting in With Big Sis"   - 6875 views
  2. [Exclusive] "Win A Date With A Doll" or "Perfect Girlfriend        - 5965 views
  3.  "Taking The Vow" or "Making A Wife"                                      - 5499 views
  4.  "No Longer" or "Turn Your Back"                                             - 5391 views 
  5.  "Say The Word" or "The Final Choice                                       - 4965 views

Personal Top 3 Favorites

  1.  "Family Practice (Makes Perfect!)" or "Fitting in With Big Sis"   - 6875 views
  2.  "Say The Word" or "The Final Choice                                       - 4965 views 
  3.  "No Longer" or "Turn Your Back"                                             - 5391 views  

Top 10 All Time 

  1. "Masterpiece" or "The New Face Of Modern Art"                                  - 7491 views
  2. "Wondering" or "If He ONLY Knew"                                                      - 7088 views
  3. "More Than A Friend" or "Making Him Happy"                                      - 6977 views
  4. "Family Practice (Makes Perfect!)" or "Fitting in With Big Sis"                 - 6877 views
  5. "Win A Date With A Doll" or "Perfect Girlfriend"                                     - 5965 views
  6. "Finding Peace" or "Stress Free Forever"                                                - 5822 views
  7. "The Mermaid's Gift" or "A Kiss Is Just A ..."                                         - 5718 views
  8. "The Full Experience" or "A Well-Rounded Education"                           - 5697 views
  9. "Digital Doll" or "Downloaded For Her Pleasure"                                    - 5690 views
  10. "Growth Spurt" or "Growing Into It"                                                       - 5628 views

There were only a handful of caps to pick from this month (obligations and burnout being the reason), but I felt they were some very good ones.  "Family Practice" was a standout and the audience favorite.  It was also on my list at the top and it's found it's way onto the all time list!  While "Win A Date With A Doll" was second on the list for the audience, I felt it wasn't as strong as it could be.  It may be subject to a remix one day.

"Say The Word" was last on the top 5 for the month, but it was almost my favorite time time around.  I had so much fun making that cap.  "No Longer" was a big deal for me personally due to the amount of work that went into it.

As for the All time list - I'm still surprised at the top two captions.  If I went and did an personal all time list, I don't believe either one would be on it.  Overall it shows what my audience enjoys and I will keep this all in mind.

Now to address my sabbatical.  I was just tired.  I've been busy with some things outside of TG and it's been very positive.  I won't have quite as much time for captioning but I am working on new content!  I feel very energized and inspired.  While you wait, tell me your personal top 5 on the blog.  

Until next time, dolls. 

1 comment:

  1. My favorite this month was No Longer, for the design and the story.

    Wow, top 5 of all time? That'a a hard question to answer but let me try.

    "The L Word" and "New Addiction." For the emotions and romance.

    There was one I had bookmarked on my old computer, where a man is slowly transformed into a Korean trophy wife, and falls in love. In terms of PC Cleanup, I did not transfer all my old bookmarks over and would have to find it again.

    "Becoming his Truth" for the story and how sexy it was without any image actually showing sex.

    My newest discovery: "Overlooked", where a bubble bath transforms a nice boy into the hottest bad girl blonde ever. How did I miss THAT??? But happy to have stumbled across it. You know how I feel about baths and showers!!!

    I will say I was slightly disappointed one of your longer novella type caps didn't make the top 10 all time. I would encourage any new visitor to take a look at them. Some are very reminiscent of Domme/Sub Romances and make me tingle, as well as having that special Simone Touch.


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