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Monday, July 9, 2012

"No Longer" or "Turn Your Back"

The voice of your old life calls. .. . but the new voice is the one you must obey

I haven't had a caption so run thru the filters like this in a long time.  It's been revised, edited, retooled so much in 24 hours that I'm glad it's complete.  This became an experiment in terms of not only design but also in message.  The source picture inspired the whole thing.  I heard the text in my head as soon as I saw it, so it wasn't hard to go and refine it.  But I wanted to do a little bit more with the design . . .

This was originally influenced by Caitlyn's "Living Text" format she's recently started using in some of her captions.  I wanted to put my own spin on it and my first attempt was noisy and unrefined.  I knew it but wasn't sure what direction to go.

I showed it to Victoria who put me on the path to limiting the text fonts and colors.  She also gave me a few design pointers that sparked the idea of the original background fade.  This led to A LOT of visual experimenting and even looking up some tutorials.  However, the BEST accident was found out how to combine to different types of fades to create one effect. 

Between Victoria and Tamara, I went through a total of about eight revisions of this caption.  The final result above was what I was most proud of.  I'm also very happy with this one because it was the caption that sparked "Say The Word" from yesterday. I immediately went to work on that one as soon as I put this one to bed, but I posted it first.

That's all for this lesson, my dears.  More captions to cum. . . *giggle* Until, next time, dolls. 


  1. Well Mistress got a new plaything alright with that one! Interesting caption style that does seem to work.

  2. Wow the willings dreams can come true! I could only dream of looking that sexy and hot or just being someone's play toy- maybe one day my dreams will come true! W/Love Eva Moore...

    1. Keep dreaming and maybe someone will play with you like a good little toy.

  3. Whoa! Incredibly wonderful design Simone! The first attempt looks really nice, but honestly only when its not held up against the final result.

    Oh, and beyond the design, that's a very sexy story! Great cap!

  4. All the work you have done on this caption has definetley paid off you are a expert captionaire i wish to be as good as you
    Kira x xx

  5. I love how you are expanding on the creation of your genius, Goddess. Both you and Caitlyn are inspirational for your discussion of mechanics of captions.

    1. Thanks for such a high compliment, my dear.

  6. My favorite of the week!!

    Not only because we get to see the hard work you put into your Caps, and how much thought goes into it, but because I love the image and design.

    The expressions lend themselves to one girl coming out of a hypnotic daze and the design and the colors make it seem like the words themselves are seeping into her very being.

    I also like the focus in the middle of "You..you..you", because sometimes, in the right moment, repetition can create control, emotion or passion...it is up to the reader to decide which is vibrating through the Mistess' voice as she repeats those words. And that's very hot!!

  7. I agree 100% with Caitlyn... You first effort looked VERY nice, until you compare it to the final version :)

    It makes your original look almost amateurish, if only in COMPARISON... Your final product is beautiful. As always, you and Caitlyn continue to push the envelope on designs and layouts :)

    The story is pretty awesome, too :)



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