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Thursday, December 1, 2011

"The Mermaid's Gift" or "A Kiss Is Just A ..."

I made this tale recently, doing something that's more unusual for me.  If you have wished you had a mermaid's body, than maybe you'll enjoy this caption.


  1. At first I thought this sounded a bit fishy... but now I've read it I found it most deliciously intriguing!

  2. This is one of favorite fantasies, I'd love to be a mermaid's sister.

  3. Great work on this, very nicely written.

  4. I love when you deal with magic and magical creatures, so this one struck a chord.

    You have an exquisite imagination and I have always liked mermaids for their siren like qualities, so I enjoyed this very much!!

  5. Quite an amazing cap!!! Lovely story and pic!!! Captivating!!!


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