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Friday, January 20, 2012

"The Full Experience" or "A Well-Rounded Education"

Uncertainly can be just as satisfying as the moment:

As always commentary is appreciated.


  1. Requiring everyone to spend one year as a member of the opposite sex is a wonderful idea! I think it would really make the world a bit more peaceful

  2. He better prepare a farewell speech because Shannon is here to stay! Lovely and sweet cap,thanks.

  3. Wonderful story; and a nice bit of world building. Very well thought out, and gorgeous pic.

  4. The titillation of being forced by circumstances to act out the scenario which we secretly so cravenly desire. What an evocative premise to work with. Plus, in so doing we must consider the risk of losing ourselves in the passion of what has previously been only fantasy but is now deliciously real! Lauren

  5. Very nicely written and a concept I'd love to try - with the same problem Shannon faces! Stuck!


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