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Monday, January 16, 2012

"A Place Of Honor" or "The Warrior Within"

This little tale I made for Sci-Fi Kara.  I love her preferences because it allows me to flex my creative muscles.

The selected version I selected

As soon as I saw this picture, I knew who it was for.  There's a bit of Skyrim influence (I put in a considerable amount of time into the game) along with some of Kara's own universe.  I do hope she enjoys it - she hasn't had a chance to see it as of this posting.  It had two different color schemes and I settled on the above, but the one below was the other version.  Which do you like best?

Revision - Rejected final
The grey was the original and what initially drew me to it was the visibility of the background image.  I choose the blue because the story came more front and center.  This is definitely more a story caption with the Steam-punk/Fantasy setting.  Yet another p


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  2. OMG!! Perhaps I'm delusional or just a little obstinate but I already consider myself a Nightingale!! O(∩_∩)O I love the name and am a big sci-fi fan and this cap is definitely original and thought provoking! Thanxs for great read!! <3

    BTW!!! (Whispers:I like the second one better, silver is more futuristicie imo) and skyrim is WAI to hard to turn off ;D

  3. I prefer the icy blue one as it brings out the picture more.

    Oh God, we have ANOTHER person lost to the world of Skyrim? I know a ton of people who are obsessed with that game.

    I just don't understand people who spend all their time in a fantasy world, portraying a different race or gender! What sort of degenerate sick bastard would want to do that?!? :P

  4. I agree with you Simone. The silver one is lovely, but when I see it, my eyes go to the image in the background first, and the story second. Therefore its a little more distracting to read, and the story isn't as powerful. But with the blue/teal one, my eyes go to the story first, and its easier to have the background image be just that... background.

    Both are good. The blue/teal one is great.

    Thankfully I haven't gotten pulled into Skyrim. Yet. But I swear all of my gaming buddies keep pressuring me to 'try it'. I haven't had this much peer pressure since the cheerleaders all ganged up on me and tried to convince me to put on the uniform and... well that's another story entirely!

  5. Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog
    I'm gonna have to go with the consensus that the ice blue is better... It's more striking, AND easier to read...

    Dunno if it's "more" sci-fi/futuristic or not.. it kust looks BETTER. The piccie itself is awesome, and the story is very nice :)

    My two cents....

  6. Well lets just say that I love this caption ;) Another fine little gift from my favourite mistress, although the chance to dominate me is about as likely as the devil deciding that red just simply isn't his colour at all!

    Was a lovely thing to come home and see. Big morale boost after a damn hard two weeks training. Now I just have to switch my brain off from military medicine and back into creativity to try and come up with something good in return! But seeing that my brain is STILL going over how to perform surgical airways, chest drains, needle decompressions, cannulations, and enough anatomy and physiology to make a far better and more accurate medical series than House could ever hope to attain, I get the feeling a worthwhile return could be a while in coming!!


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