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Friday, January 6, 2012

"Broadway Baby" or "T-Gal On A Hot Tin Roof"

This beauty will turn heads wherever she goes!

"I'm Ready For My Close Up . . "

Never have I been so proud and yet so frustrated with a caption.  I made this for Sammie (Rachel's Haven) mainly because of the glam look combined with the golden era movie starlet look.  The design was a product of fiddling with a few things: Nothing I haven’t done before but it seemed to fit this particular image and idea well.  I wanted to keep with the vintage appeal so I hunted down a few different fonts for the title, tried them all and settled on this one.  The title itself was meant to be a bit of a placeholder, but I couldn’t get the imagery out of my head.  I kept imagining those big music productions with the big band doing the music in the background, girl walking down the street and swaying her hips to a bass drum in her own head that the audience hears.  It inspired a story and Sammie often enjoys such tropes. 
The writing actually came fairly easy and I was all set.  So far so good, right?  Now comes the frustration.  I’ve used tilted text before but I’ve always had to use quick-and-dirty methods to get the proper effect.  I wanted to find a way to do the whole block of text in an unusual shape but I had no idea how to do it.  I tried googling it, but I had difficulty finding the right tutorial.  Admittedly, I’m not the best at Photoshop when it comes to knowing proper terms for what’s going on (I’ve only recently started training myself to use hotkeys).  I can do a fair bit but I couldn’t explain it to you in a technical manner. 
In comes Caitlyn with the solution.  She not only gives me instructions but goes so far as to make me a mini video showing exactly how to do what I wanted to do!  Leave it to me to spend the next two hours fiddling with it trying to do the exact same thing (sigh).  The end result as what you see here.  Now that I have the bit of knowledge, I will be sure to use it in the future. 


  1. Hello! I love your blog, including this caption. I'm even guilty of using your blog as the gateway to other ones via your Sexy Blogs of Note (less bookmarks that way).

    But I liked the simple black background more (It was black, right?) It's a small aesthetic thing, and won't stop me from visiting here, but it's just very busy. I thought the rest of your blog and your captions stood out more before. This is a new change though.

    Thanks for all the captions and keep up the good work!

  2. Simone,

    Like you, I am constantly looking for ways to make the caption more visually interesting... I confess I normally use "quick and dirty" shortcuts to do what I want... The results aren't always as polished as I would like..

    This caption is visually STUNNING... a phrase I find myself using overmuch when viewing your and Caitlyn's works.. :) The model is beautiful, the story FEELS like it belongs with the pic.. (always the biggest challenge), and the story is vert nice...

    It's a tad longer than I normally like to read, but interesting and engaging... You know that willing m/f relationships are GENERALLY not my cup 'o tea, but I liked this one... her devotion and gratitude to her man is HOT...

    On the new "look" of the site... I absolute adore (and am a little jealous of) your new BANNER!!! The pink color scheme was a little... jarring when I came here, just because I was used to the cooler, darker tones of your old background, but I like it a LOT, and will get used to it...

    It's actually not "busy" at all, just bright :)

    Thanks for all of your work, on your captions and your Blog :) You're always on my "must visit" list...

  3. Simone, I believe your cap is amazing. All aspects come together in a very impressive manner. The photos is just perfect, and I imagine that I could just look at that for hours. Your title and title font fit it perfectly, and help enhance that vintage appeal. I get the feeling that this could be set in the 40s just as easily as it could be set in modern times. And your story? Beautiful and loving. If someone were to give me a synopsis of this story (man willingly lets himself be transformed into a beautiful woman to get a part) and tell me that I would enjoy it half as much as I do, I would laugh at them. But your story really drew me in, and I found myself wanting to be in Serena's position. I can often find enjoyment in caps that are outside of my preferences, but I so rarely get drawn into them. Bravo!

    I think you may have set your bar a little higher with this cap, and that is saying a lot considering the amazing work you do on a regular basis!

    As to the design of your blog, I told you last night that I loved the new look. But I don't think that really conveys how much I like it. The header graphic is gorgeous, and you have me thinking about a new header myself. I don't think this is busy at all. Instead I think it give your blog a new feel that still matches your caps. Yes, many of your caps are about an unwilling transformation (and you know how much I love that!), but they are also about a loving sensual nature that is so hard to capture. I think this brighter layout fits that style just fine. In fact I think it will enhance the presentation of your caps!

  4. Caption first - Loved the story! I haven't seen it posted on the Haven yet, but I'm SURE that Serena will ADORE this, as its definitely up her alley.

    The 3rd paragraph was what did it for me, as it wsa "the record scratch moment" if it was a movie trailer.

    This would have been in your Top Ten even without the new design elements, but the "Caitmone" bring it up another notch. I could picture most of this as an actual 40's movie, probably starring Danny Kaye.

    As for the website redesign - I love the banner! I will probably have to get used to all the "pinkness" cuz its REALLY Pink!

  5. Well great caption longer than I normally care for but very rewarding reading it to the very end and I do like your more streamlined blog layout with its grey and pink colours.Btw generally I don't like 'busy' layouts finding them hard to read and follow.
    Well done!
    Regards Belinda

  6. Hours before I had started playing with the format of the blog and I had a very busy background up. I had not worked on the new banner for it was in the older format minus the color scheme. I was testing out the new layout editor mainly.
    Truth be told, I was going to go brown as the major color with pink as the compliment. When I decided on the banner I figured I would do this route. However, when I went looking for the proper brown/pink background I got some horrid design patterns (think sweaters and and grandma's kitchen). I wanted a cleaner background to begin with so I went with primary pink just to see the look and I actually found it went great with the banner. I still may go looking around again for a new background and shift the color scheme a bit, but I can't say this one hasn't grown on me.

  7. First off, great caption. Cool story and it looks fantastic.

    Second, I love the new look of your blog. I was a little taken aback when I first saw it, but the longer I've looked at it the more perfect it seems. The banner is beyond words. Absolutely stunning.


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