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Monday, January 9, 2012

"Easy As 1-2-3!" or "She Learns Her Lessons Well"

I like to see myself as an educator:

In this caption, Alectra shows everyone that she's diligent student.  I can't help it if I'm a strict teacher.  As always your comments and feedback are appreciated.

Also, new year - new blog look!  What do you think?  Some of you have commented on it, but I thought a fresh new coat of paint would be a nice change.  Until next time, dolls.


  1. Great cap Mistress Simone! I love the tilt that you gave the design, and I think we're all hoping that Alectra fails, so that we can get a turn in your lap!

    As to the new blog look, I think its great! It's bright and pink, and yet still fits perfectly with your caps.

  2. Simone,

    I can honestly say I have NEVER seen a cleaner-looking, more professional and "slick" caption :)

    Not only that, but it's awesome caption as well :)

    I love the colored text, the emotes "SMACK", and the whole color scheme... It's playful, bright and funny, totally suiting the pic and story!

    It's not as dark and sensual as a lot of your prior work, but a perfect example of your range as a caption creator. The amount of thought, planning and sheer effort you made on this is obvious to anybody with any experience making captions.

    We're not Worthy.... We're not Worthy :)


  3. Alectra makes such a good little helper! When you've covered the alphabet, can you teach us math too?

  4. I'll be probably misbehaving a little due to my time off for studies and all :) but I like to do that too *giggle*

    Thanks for such a delightful training mistress. I don't know what would it be of my skills in english if not for you, Dee, Caitlyn, Kayla and others too... ^^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. Well it's not Mr. Rogers neighborhood but I'm sure it has just as large a following! Great cap Mistress Simone! I love the new look too.

  6. I can't wait to see what sound the letter Q makes! *giggle* Can I volunteer for for the vowels Mistress?

    This is a really fun cap, but like Steffiemarie said, the layout really stands out!

  7. @ Caitlyn, Steffi, Jenn - You girls make me blush, but you also make me take into consideration the things I did in this design for later caps. High praise from you all makes me feel extra good.

    As for everyone else, well, if you form a line to the left, We can begin some other lessons . . .

  8. Joins the line and no doubt will be taught a lesson!
    Enjoying the new look.



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