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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"The Pledge" or "Community Outreach"

So many girls have sorority girl dreams of being a sweet co-ed.  

This was made for Courtney, who is big on clean captions.  Almost no sex and definitely no nudity.  She specializes in sweet stories or tricked/forced style captions that usually turn into a happy ending.  I thought this image was a perfect start to work with, and I came up with the story after looking over her preferences.  It has many elements I personally find so fun but it hits on her preferences too.  Thoughts?


  1. Simone,

    I'm to the point now where it's almost pointless to mention your wonderful layout/presentations... You've gotten so good and CONSISTENT at it, that I am running out of superlatives :)

    The STORY is nicely written, very Courtney-esque... It's the IMAGE that seals it, though.. raising it a notch from "very nice" to GREAT... Her expression is PRICELESS, and her body language and demure/girly outfit fit so well to the storyline....

    Courtney's prefs are very much in line with mine, as you know, and I can just as easily see this as a Steffi cap, and I would LOVE it... I'm sure that Courtney did as well :)

    Wonderful Job!

  2. Simone and Steffi, I'm a follower of your blogs as well a collaborator with cCourtney om occasion. I love the themes that you all use to create amazing , sweet and very entertaining blogs. Thanks for your wonderful creative streaks
    From an appreciative admirer!

  3. That's right up my alley from the co-ed school setting, the Courtneyesque storyline that delivers the punch but in that sweet way and yes the image is priceless.
    Thank you for making that caption Miss Simone. xxx

  4. Steffi - If her hair had been red, it might HAVE been a Steffi caption! The girl's expression is pricesless and it's that reason it works so well for Courtney.

    Alice - Thanks so much for your kind words. Even more glad you are supporting others who are making fun work.

    SB - I never knew you to be a little co-ed. . . things to remember for later!


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