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Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Quality Comparison" or "Platinum Grade"

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Go in for the luxury model. 

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There’s someone I’d like you to meet - she’s in here.  Victoria, we have a guest. See how alert she is?  Ready for a command and eager to serve her mistress.  You may touch her if you like; she will respond properly.  I’ve trained her to blush anytime someone admires her body - the ideal submissive innocent-slut.

I can see by your eyes that you're impressed.  I can also see the green-eyed monster creeping into your thoughts.  You showed me those creatures you call sissies and I suppose they fit the typical description, but they are inferior stock.  You can’t put a some sniveling boy in a dress, slap makeup on him and call him a sissy.  Anyone can do that.  Victoria here is luxury class.  Handcrafted with a careful eye for detail.  She was selected from a short list of potentials before i even bothered to look at her.  One cannot use inferior material to craft perfection.  

Those curves didn’t come from a scalpel, I checked the generations of women in her family so I would know her body would respond correctly to the hormone therapy.  As you can see, she comes from exceptional breeding!   And her hair is all natural: no wigs or extensions.  Salon TLC brought out that red.  And that’s just the physical.  The months of painstaking process of dismantling her mind and rebuilding it is a delicate process.  The art of leashing someone without a collar is difficult but rewarding - Victoria would never dream of displeasing me.  A healthy cocktail of fear, admiration and lust keep her in check.  Of course, it also helps that I hold the key to her little clitty cage.  It locks away the mind as well as the rest.  All of it comes together to create the ultimate feminine sissy.  A creature so utterly girlish no one can deny what she is even after seeing what’s inside her panties.

So now that you’ve seen my work, do you doubt my methods?  If you still need convincing, take her out for a spin.  She how obedient and efficient she is, then tell me if she’s not the best sissy you’ve ever laid eyes on.  Take your time, enjoy it.  Because you’ll be joining her once you’ve had your fun.  I figured I would give you a preview of what’s in store for you now that I’ve proven myself. 

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  1. 'Superior sissy' is a great demonstration of your skills I must say! Great caption, Mistress.


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