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Friday, September 13, 2013

"Maiden of The Goddess" or "Ladies of the Lake"

Learn to worship properly


They called themselves The Daughters of Lesbos and they built their temple outside the village.  They traded freely with the locals but had strict rules about who was allowed on their grounds.  No men were allowed inside their temple or near the lake it was built on.  

One young man from the village did not heed the warnings from the village elders.  The rumors of nubile beauties bathing their supple bodies in the water was too much of a temptation.  He did not heed the whispers of witchcraft or rumors of missing boys who dared to travel to the temple.  So he crept through the forest and up the hill to an old fishing spot his father once told him about as a child.  From a nearby boulder he listened as giggling girls washed their creamy skin and frolicked together.  He watched as they shared kisses while cleansing each other’s bodies, wishing he could join them...

“Look sisters,” one of the temple maidens pointed to the young man’s hiding spot.  “We have an audience!”  All the maidens squealed as they rushed over to the boulder.  Too panicked to flee, the young man sheeply let the maidens lead him into the water.  Their soft hands stroked his body as they removed his clothing.  They all exchanged glances with each other as they started to bathe him.  “This calls for a baptism!  The goddess will be pleased with our good deed today.”  The foolish grin of the young man’s face indicated he had no clue what the girls were whispering about, too enraptured by their sensual caresses. . . .

That evening, High Priestess Bella welcomed another new maiden to the Daughters of Lesbos.  Fair Wendy beamed with pride as they pinned her new headband in place.  The sisters gathered around Wendy and showered her with kisses, happy to welcome a new maiden to the Goddess.  There would be much rejoicing for the young girls and they couldn’t wait to show Wendy how to worship the Goddess.  They would show her the proper way a maiden thanks their patron saint by pleasuring each other in the bed chambers inside the temple.  They would gather much favor with the Goddess and replenish the feminine magic that flowed within the waters surrounding their place of worship.  They just hoped the other boys in the village continued to visit them. . . they hoped to fill every bed in the temple in time for the fall harvest.


  1. Image was superbly chosen, making one think of bygone times and cultures. The text is elegant and seductive, with a hint of mischief. A definite pleasure to read and view!!

  2. Absolutely loved the vintage picture and the historical caption - all with a TG twist! More great writing!!


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