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Sunday, September 8, 2013

"No Restraint" or "Lack of Control" [Soft TG Erotica]

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Self-Discipline made him a better girl.

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Domination and control comes in many forms.  Do you prefer yours to be softer and more like a sensual temptation or to come from a firm hand and direct voice?  Perhaps a bit of both? 


I should have shown more restraint.

I should have ignored his plush lips instead of adding color to them.  I shouldn’t have used my bathing oils to soften his skin.  I shouldn’t have applied mascara just because I wanted to frame his pretty eyes.

I shouldn’t have pouted every time he said he would cut his hair and I shouldn’t have made him walk around in my heels that one time when we were drunk. 

Maybe if I hadn’t dragged him to my salon, I would still have a boyfriend....perhaps if I hadn’t tied him up with silk ribbons in bed and spanked him, then he would be strong enough to resist me.  If I hadn’t burned his boxers he would still be my boy.  Did I lock his manhood away when I locked a cage around his cock?  I will never know the answer now. 

He might have stood up for himself if I hadn’t made him wear skirts just for me.  Perhaps he stopped feeling like a man when I gave him titties like mine.  Now they feel so good when I press my nipples down on them. 

It’s too late to show restraint, I love my girl now.  I won’t give her up because I’m too selfish.  She’s too pretty to let go of and too obedient to refuse me.  Now the only control I show is over my pretty pretty girl.


  1. Enjoyable and it's probably no surprise to You that I enjoy a bit of soft erotica and I think you've judge it well in your dialog for this caption.
    Regarding Your question, Mistress, here's loads of things around d/s that may the difference but i do think having a more sensual temptress softer side does work better and so long as Your getting the submission by getting the submissives brain to just follow you almost hypnotically. The firm hand, direct voice approach makes sense if it's not happening to soften up the individual before resuming the softer line.

  2. Loved the soft seduction of this, and the colors and image work with the text to lull you into sweet surrender.

    I like the temptation and feminine immersion, my tendency is to be obedient and avoid the firm hand unless my vanity or mischief slips me up. But to be surrounded by femininity, to be taught, tempted, teased into it, that is the way that often melts me the most.


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