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Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Designed For Danger" and "One Look Is Not Enough"

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She expects you to do more than talk . . .

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Another caption created for Kendall.  I had a LOT of fun creating this because of the universe that it takes place in.  I put a minor twist on things most wouldn't think to use. 

What mainstream fiction universe do you think is ripe for TG stories?


You don’t fool me with that “Oops!” routine.  You were hoping to catch me in a more compromising position weren’t you?  Look all you want, that’s what you’re here for and I don't mind in the slightest.

Surprised?  I’ve gotten quite good at hiding my true self.  I could pass the most thorough of inspections, even without the lingerie.  It goes beyond a simple “tuck & hide” for me.  I don’t just dress as a woman, I BECOME one in every way that matters.  You hired the best so no need to worry.

But you didn’t hire me to simply be your date, correct?  You wanted a distraction.  I’m more than capable of keeping all eyes on me for the evening, as you can see.  Just walk me into the party and I’ll keep the guests attention.  Long enough for you to do what you need, Mr. Bond.

Oh come now, James, did you really not think I wouldn’t know who you really were?  I’m much more than a silly actor or impersonator.  I’m very careful about the clients I accept.  Research and reconnaissance are paramount for a person like me.  I knew who you were the moment you left your headquarters in London.  The perky redheaded flight attendant whose ass kept you entertained all the way to Munich?  What about the sultry Italian goddess who you shared a drink with in your hotel?  The graceful Persian dancer at the club? The bubbly, nubile blonde American co-ed who fell in your lap on the beach in Thailand?  All me.  I know my craft, Mr. Bond, just as well as you know yours. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to finish getting ready.  Or you could stay and help me with my dress.  It’s a slinky little red number I am sure will catch everyone’s eye.  If you’re a good boy, James, I’ll THINK about letting you help me out of it later.  I’m all too aware of your charms, sir, but you’ll have to work a bit harder than a smoldering look and a smile to impress me. 

Don’t look so hurt, dear boy, I’m worth the extra effort I assure you.  The price for my services is high for a reason.


  1. Terrific cap, Simone. The Bond universe does seem like a natural.(By coincidence, I was just downloading some Barbara Bach pics; now there's a babe and a half.) As for other mainstream universes, the sky's the limit. TG works anywhere and everywhere; the only limitation is our imagination.


  2. Something about Transgender Fiction and Spies just works so well for me. It's a world of glamour and intrigue, double crosses, exotic locales, glamour, wealth. It just fits so well and works so well in pushing my buttons in terms of what I enjoy. And I enjoyed this Cap very, very much, although my ideal Spy Operative would be an Escort/Minx Spy controlled by others to do missions. Or a Husband/Wife D/s covert ops team.

    One thing I've always wanted to fiddle with is a Film Noir/Hard Boiled P.I. TG, maybe some sort of roleplay. Would need to do some research/immersion into the tropes and distinctness of that Universe to do it justice, but I think that would be a lovely project for the future.

  3. I've gotta agree with Amanda and Tamara - I think the Bond/spy thriller world is just perfect for TG fiction. The undercover spy's life is full of so many well-hidden secrets - why not include a well-hidden surprise in her panties as well??

    BTW, I've always dreamed of being a Bond girl. A beautiful, well-dressed woman with an intriguing accent living in an exotic locale that is equally skilled at f***ing and killing. Who wouldn't want to be that??


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