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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Perfect Package" or "Everything all in one place"

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Special Delivery

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Discussion:  Would you want to exchange lives with another person or would you prefer to start femininity with a clean slate?  What would be the advantage to either for you?

Will you relax?  It’s going to be fine.

It’s NOT going to be fine!  I can’t do this, Ben!  I’m NOT Jess!  Just cancel the whole thing!

We can’t do that.  YOU'VE got to go out there and smile and greet all the guests with me.  Look, I’ll be there by your side.

Can’t Jess find the ring again?  I don’t want to be YOUR WIFE!  

You aren’t going to be.  This is just a temporary thing.  We can’t do anything about it right now, but we CAN keep things under wraps until you and Jess can switch back.  But I need you to keep it together.  We have always been there for each other, just stick by me one more time.

But it’s just so weird!  I mean, pretending to be Jess?  I mean, that magic is just so odd.  Like when we picked her parents up at the airport?  I was freaked I wouldn’t know what to say but it’s like this body KNOWS them.  I just have to settle back and I FEEL like I’m her.  

Well, think you can do it again just for tonight?

I can't help it!  I keep remembering things. . . feeling things.  This body wants to wear short skirts and dresses!  I KNOW how to match makeup colors now!  I know who her best friends are from college now and I remember her first night with you VIVIDLY.  I’m starting -


I’m starting to ….see you.... like SHE sees you.

Awww, that’s so sweet.


Just lean on that magic thing for tonight?  Go with the flow.  A few hugs, kisses and some small talk will get us through the whole thing.  Just BE Jess for a while longer...

She leaned on Ben’s arm for support and the scent of his cologne triggered another burst of relationship memories.  She fell so easily into the role that Ben couldn’t tell the difference.  He was sure it wouldn’t take much longer for the spell to completely take effect and make Patrick accept his new feminine urges.   Once Jess’s memories blended with Patrick's own, Ben would have the perfect package: A wife who’s his lover AND best friend.


  1. Excellent caption, Simone. Tells a story that's both erotic and chilling at the same time. Truly, one of the best TG caps to be found anywhere.


  2. Most enjoyable caption, Mistress, very intoxicating. For me, with the current (ho hum) changes in my life going on I think a clean slate would work better, effectively a rebirth so i just get around to being me.

  3. It does beg the question of whether this is exactly what Ben wants. I mean, if his best friend is getting her memories, etc .. there probably won't be much of Patrick left in his new "wife" and vice versa.

    For story purposes, I wonder how it would be if the friend and wife had "merged" for the lack of a better term. What would the combo look like, would all their traits blend together or would one person's preference take hold depending on their strength of pleasure, etc ...

    I definitely want to give kudos to you for the wonderful dialog between the two.

    I might want to be certain people for 24 to 48 hours, but definitely wouldn't want to be them all the time. I'd much prefer to be myself personality wise. It does make you wonder how much of your personality was formed by how we do look and how it would change if it was put into another body, with a different sex, size, ethnicity, and social status.

  4. I agree with Dee - I would like to temporarily experience someone else's life - especially that of some long-legged hosiery model, but I have to admit that I'm pretty content with my own life (even though I would like to experience my own life as a woman).

  5. I have never liked the concept of taking over someone else's life. A swap to experience, yes, but a wholesale switch, no. I love some aspects of my life very much, and although I struggle with some things, I would want that stability in my new feminine life.

    The only thing that makes me tingle in that kind of life upheaval would be Millionaire whisking me away, but I still wouldn't want to be body swapped.


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