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Monday, September 16, 2013

"Pandora's Locket" or "Sensual Possession"

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Who's truly inside you?

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Discussion:  What's more preferable to you:  Full memory of the former male you or to become a woman with no ties to your past memories?  Perhaps simply partial memory? 


He should have known something was wrong when the box arrived with no return address.  But the jeweled pendant was unlike anything he had ever seen.  So moved by it’s brilliant sparkle, Andrew had to put it on.  As soon as the gold metal brushed against his neck, the spirit within the pendant awakened.

“What’s this?  A new mind for me to corrupt?”  a feminine whisper echoed inside Andrew’s thoughts.  “Oh the gods have given me good fortune tonight.”  The sultry ethereal voice chilled Andrew.  He felt the presence of the spirit creeping through his mind and blurring the lines between his thoughts and it’s own.  He tried to struggle, but it was too powerful and seductive to resist.  “This body will not do for the new us.  We must be remade.”

Andrew shivered from the spectral touch of the spirit.  Like fingers caressing a lover’s spine, magic flowed down his back, softening every bit of his skin.  “You can feel it now, my boy.  My femininity taking over.  The hard yielding to the soft.  Does it not feel glorious?”  Andrew could only moan in response, too enraptured in the erotic sensations flowing through his body.  Inch by inch his hard body morphed, shrinking down and losing mass.  His moans turned into high-pitched squeals of delight as his lips turned plump and kissable.  Andrew’s head thrashed around in ecstasy as gold strands of hair fell into his face.  

“Ooooh yes,” Andrew whimpered as his hips flared out and breasts swelled from his chest.  The intense pleasure of his body’s transformation was so great that he was fading into the background of his own mind.  When his manhood retreated back into his body with a tingle, the former boy surrendered to the more powerful feminine entity inside him.  Finally in control, the new girl merged with her old male mind and created her new persona.  Helen was given flesh again, ready to enjoy all the pleasures it provided her. 


  1. I would want to retain at least partial memory. I would want to wake up every day knowing how blessed I was to be in that form, and not ignorant to what I had been gifted with.

  2. For me partial memory so I'd have a past but not feel so tied to everything that was a part of that male legacy taht I'd be glad to be rid of

  3. I would want to keep memory of my former self, for a few reasons: 1. so I could compare/contrast my new feminine life with my former life, 2. to see if I would really do and wear all those things I think I would if I were a woman, 3. to be able to use all those things I've learned in my male life about what men like and don't like to be an even better woman!

  4. The sensual rapture of the images made this Cap truly meltworthy, not to mention the warm palette that draws you in, tempting you to look much as the locket would tempt you to wear.

    I think I would want to be partial, with the memories that taught me life lessons retained, maybe shifted somewhat to enhance feminine attributes and emotions.


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