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Friday, May 31, 2013

"SED" or "Sexuality-Enhancing Drug"

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Legalize It.

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  1. Great cap Simone! I adore the layout here with the border line and the text box. It looks absolutely stunning! If good pot was like this, then I'm sure it would be legalized in NO time!

  2. You know, generally I'm against smoking and illicit drug use. However, I might make an exception in this case ;)

  3. lol I have to admit the title got me curious seeing everyone calls me sed for short, lol, great cap hun.hugs Sedra.

  4. I agree with Kyra but, if I were the dude who hadn't tried it yet, I'd be wanting to keep sharp the senses and sensitivities I already had -- given the evolving circumstances I was witnessing.

    Great cap for that pic!

  5. The reason why I have never done drugs...is because they don't do anything as awesome as that, if they did I would most certainly be toking.


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