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Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Upwardly Mobile" or "Performance Report"

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You too can come work in my office building . . . IF you can meet the dress code.

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Is this your dream work place?  Would you be able to please your boss?


  1. Arie is gorgeous! How do I apply for the program?

  2. It sure would be my dream work place and and would do everything in my ability to please Him

  3. I'm sure that working for someone as determined as Mr Ravencroft would be very difficult but very satisfying at the same time!

    Very VERY sexy cap Simone!

    I really love the layout and design on this. The simulated desktop with the coffee, mouse, and notepads help draw us into the story. Everything is laid out so that your eyes will naturally pass over it... the title, the story, the photo, the background, and even your watermark.


  4. "You too can come work in my office building . . . IF you can meet the dress code."

    If I could work in an office where that is the dresscode, I'd do anything the boss wanted to thank him for letting me look so beautiful everyday!


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