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Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Just One Taste" or "Think Sexy Thoughts"

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Caitlyn can't have just one . . .

Caitlyn often inspires some of my more wicked caption and this is no different.  When I posted it to the haven, people loved it - which was something of a surprise to me.  But sometimes the fight is all you need.


  1. Stubborn struggles soon succumb to sticky sweet surrender. Sexy ^_^

    I really enjoyed how you wrote the conflict between what Caitlyn wanted and what her bodydesired!

  2. As I said on the Haven when you posted this there, this is just a damned sexy caption. From image to layout. From design to story. Everything meshes together to get right under my skin.

    And here I thought I was 'over' this cap... but now it's going to be in my mind and my dreams (YAY) for weeks to come!

  3. It's sexy, gets to the nub of things and is well excuted stlistically

  4. its what she really wanted and she knew it giggle great work hun, hugs Sedra.

  5. Loved it when I first saw it on the Haven, and so thrilled to read it again here. One of my favorite pics on all the interwebs!!


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