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Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Mystery Date" or "Earth Angel"

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Some cross-dressing fantasy fun in a classic format. 

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  1. What a truly wonderful caption and so perfect for the lovely couple. A gorgeous picture and then you worked you magic beautifully

  2. Lovely caption Simone. I really like the background in this one as it gives it an extra sweet candy coating to an already sweet story.

  3. Some truly have gotten an ego in the community, when did capping become a popularity contest?

    1. What led you to this comment? I fail to see that you're talking about....

  4. Wonderful sense of design, even more than usual!

    You are definitely back in the groove sweetie!

  5. I adore this cap! It has the perfect blend of innocence and seduction, like a chocolate covered strawberry. And your red and pink design really finishes it off so well.

  6. Mmm, 50s style, love it. Wish I could wear it so well.

  7. Sweet and exciting!

    (a whole Different Anonymous from those above)


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