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Saturday, June 1, 2013

"Optical Illusion" or "Walk Across The Quad"

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  1. Really fun cap Simone. I love the story. At first I thought it was moving slowly, but the build up was just perfect. and I love what you've done with the title!

  2. It all comes together perfectly in the end. Thank You Simone

  3. A nice, gradual twist.

  4. I was playing a Rags game where you get feminized and try to say your boy name and end up blurting out "My name is Tiffany Thompson and I'm a super cutie!!" It made me laugh, such an unexpected twist and so cute, and this Cap does the same. Cute, sweet, and with a lovey twist at the end and a whimsy to it that is capital A Adorable.


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