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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Becoming His Truth" or "The Freedom Of Choice"

About a month ago, Sarine Davis wrote a wonderful story based on a concept I gave her.  She was kind enough to donate it for the Haven Quarterly E-zine.  Some of you who read Fictionmania may know her as Belladonna.  She's got a nice catalog of role reversion/force feminization stories that are beautifully crafted and make very engrossing reads.  After reading the story, I was stunned with how she took a basic idea in my head and ran with it.  Because it's on a temporary embargo, you won't be seeing it anytime soon.  Still, I decided she deserved thanks and praise for her work.  This was my thank you to her - a work place tale in the vein of some of her own work.  I've seen the images used before in captions, so I wanted to make it really pop.  Let me know what you think.


  1. In a word... WOW! Excellent cap Mistress Simone. The story really did pop, and had me riveted until the end. Bravo!

  2. wicked - and very well put together. a beautiful set of caps.

  3. i bow to your mastery of a good tale as always you inspire loved it

  4. Gripping well extended tale keeping me hooked to the end.
    sissygurl belinda

  5. @Caitlyn - Love seeing something that gets a response from you hun.

    Betty - Thanks so much!

    Meg - I'll take credit for inspiring more good work.

    SB - Don't you know that's how I keep all my toys hooked?

  6. Oh my, what a delightful dilemma. Lovely series...

  7. A delicious workplace fantasy with exquisite images. So well done, I want to push every floor on those elevator buttons and take my time with Sir.


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