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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Permanent Getaway | Closing The Door


Time to leave and do something new with your life.

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The bodysuit stretched around his toes as he rolled it up his leg, the silky tingle telling Trevor it was syncing with his body.  His legs contoured to the suit’s specifications as he rolled the stretchy fabric upward.   Bulky muscle quivered as it became svelte and smooth, glowing with the vibrancy of youth.  He paused for a moment, catching his breath as the pleasurable tickle of energy flowed through his now-slinky legs.  Next, his waist cinched in, becoming a slim hourglass shape.  Soon, Trevor felt the bountiful weight of the suit’s bosom as he pulled the suit higher.  Finally, his head disappeared into the top of the suit, the seal vanishing until it was undetectable.  After a moment of blackness, Trevor’s vision returned.  

He was glad he had spent more time on this bodysuit- his usual designs were cheap and easily disposable.  He had used two earlier in the getaway, stopping twice to switch identities as a means to throw off anyone pursuing him.  No one would have believed the hot blond who stopped at the drop point was actually a man in disguise.  This new suit was designed to be a more permanent persona.  Trevor knew this job had been too hot to simply slip away and lay low.  This had to be his last job because those Trevor stole from would never stop looking for him.   Trevor had to vanish - that was why his fee was so unusually high.  Melody was Trevor’s future, a clean persona crafted to pass even the most stringent scrutinization.  She had passports, ID cards and bank accounts in her name.  The suit did more than hide the person inside, it change them on a cellular level.  The functionality was so complete that it would pass an X-ray or ultrasound.  Nothing on the market compared.  Melody was Trevor’s greatest achievement, even greater than the heist itself.

He felt everything as he slid into the red dress, and every brushstroke as he styled Melody’s hair. He could smell and taste the makeup as he applied it to his beautiful face.  The protocols Trevor programmed into the suit allowed him to move, talk and carry himself as the woman he appeared to be.  A lifetime of mannerisms observed from countless videos and movies, all combined with as many tutorials and guides as he could find. In this body, acting anything other than ‘feminine’ seemed odd.  Trevor wondered if sex as Melody would be as intuitive.   Eventually he would find out as he had no intentions of shedding this identity.  Once he left this room, Trevor was gone.  It was Melody’s time to shine and she was going to live life to the fullest. 

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  1. Very well thought out. As is start by getting shops of a pimp. Screw the money. Be you and be happy with more than money


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