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Friday, July 1, 2016

Intimately Yours | Babe Crate: Jinny


Finally, something fun in the mail...

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Unlike the burgundy velvet boxes Babe Crate usually shipped, the shiny glitter-coated box was obviously something special.  It still had the same ribbon with the embossed logo despite being bigger.  The surprise of this box excited Jeff more than usual.  Somehow he tempered his enthusiasm to slowly unbox his treasures.  Sitting on top of the frilly garments was a handwritten letter in fancy script.  Jeff pored over the words before tearing into the contents.

“Congratulations, Jeff!  You are this month’s winner of our Babe Crate Platinum Treasure Box.  As an early adopter, you know our boxes always provide you with an enjoyable feminine experience and our Platinum Treasure Box is our way to increase that enjoyment.  You are the first subscriber to receive our new intimates collection.  A whole new experience awaits you as you get to be a woman inside and out.”  

Best Wishes,
The Babe Crate Team

Without hesitation, Jeff discarded his boy clothing and picked up a bra and panty set that caught his eye.  The soft cotton tickled against his legs as he drew them upwards.  He giggled as he felt the familiar caress of magic woven into the fabric.  Smooth, milky skin replaced rough, masculine flesh as Jeff tugged the intimate garment up his legs.  He paused for a moment, admiring the sleek, slender legs as he ran his fingers down his calf.  Jeff pulled them past his knees next, then up his thighs until he felt his bottom pulsing.  With a groan, his hips and rump expanded, becoming curvaceous enough to strain the panties.  Jeff’s voice rose to a smooth soprano as his manhood drew itself into his body, reaching it’s highest tone when nothing but a moist smooth mound remained.

As he nestled the panties against his womanhood, Jeff noticed his hand were already dainty and slim.   The flesh around his waist was already contouring into a small size, the magic working up his torso as he reached for the bra.  The silk straps slid down his arms, making him feel limber and supple.  The magic’s tingle overloaded Jeff’s mind, the tempting sensation influencing his mind as well as his body.  Modest breasts swelled within the cups, giving this new creature a definitive feminine shape. Sweet scents surrounded her as the gentle brush of long strands of hair flowed around her face.  She sighed as her lashes thickened, lips pouty and inviting.  As the clasp locked in place, this new girl felt her new name on her lips.

“Jinny it is” she giggled again.  The part of her that was still Jeff had never felt so complete after the magical clothes worked their spell.  She might have to see about upgrading her subscription so she could make this body permanent. 

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  1. Claps! wonderful Mistress Simone! i could feel Jinny's excitement. If someone could give me Babe Crate's website i would happily give them the reference award as i am sure that is something special *giggles*


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