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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Two Places At Once | Short Term Social Butterfly


Short term solutions can become long ones

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“Heey, Martin!” the breathy voice caused the boy to fall out of his bed to the floor.  ‘

“S-Staci!  How did you get into MY house?”

“By now you should know I have my ways - but more importantly, I came by because I need to go visit my boyfriend…”  Martin couldn’t disguise the terror in his eyes.  He tried to scramble to his feet, but he already knew it was too late.

“Oh no!  Staci! Please not again!”  His voice was already cracking as the shimmering sensation warmed under his skin.  Martin’s pleading eyes searched Staci’s face for mercy, but they only found satisfaction.  

“You KNOW I have a reputation to uphold!  Can’t let my perfect record go down the drain, so someone has to stand in for me.  But, like, I thought you would be honored I picked you!  You get to experience what it’s like to be me!  I’m sure that’s more exciting than your boring old nerdy life.  I would be sooo jealous of you if I wasn’t, like, you know. . . already ME!”  Martin’s moans drowned out Staci’s giggles as his body shivered.  Each time he did, his body lost mass and height until he was eye to eye with the beautiful blonde.  His cheeks flushed as the sensations became more pleasurable.  All of his moans became breathy coos while thick gold strands tumbled down past Martin’s shoulders.  

Martin licked his lips as they tingled, the magic energy still lingering.  They were puffy and pouty now, just like Staci’s.  He wanted to be upset and curse her, but he only gave her an appreciative smile.  Staci’s thoughts, mannerisms and desires started to corrupt his, altering themselves to match the rapid development of his body.  Gentle, abundant curves replaced his slim muscles, giving Martin a definite, feminine shape.  As Staci’s influence grew, his will to fight weakened.  He gave into her programing, becoming her doppelganger.  The last vestige of his manhood suctioned itself back inside his abdomen, leaving a smooth feminine mound.  Staci’s copy smiled at the original, green eyes fluttering thick lashes.  

“Gwad, you are like so hot!” the original told the copy.  The new version giggled as she started to dress herself in the outfit provided by the teen witch.  “Don’t be late for class, you sexy bitch!”

“You KNOW I got this!” New-Staci says, checking her appearance.  Inside, the remnants of Martin tried to push back against Staci’s mental conditioning, but he was overcome by her needs.  It happened every time she transformed him.  He didn’t want to be the girl in the mirror, but the magic demanded he be Staci in every way.  This facsimile had all of Staci’s thoughts, her motivations, and knowledge.  The whispers of Staci’s influence urged him to act like the popular, spoiled teen beauty.  They complimented him, inflating the feminine ego within.

“You’re a hot bitch,”  the whispers sunk deep into his mind, mentally conditioning him to enjoy his status as the school’s queen bee.  “Everyone wants to be you. . .the boys all want you.  You can have anything you want because you’re Staci!”
“Or course they want me, I’m Staci.”  the words left New-Staci’s glossy lips like a mantra.  “I’m a hot, sexy bitch…”  She repeated the words as she got ready, strengthening her influence.  “I love being a hot sexy bitch. . . I love being Staci.”  She blew herself a kiss in the mirror then sashayed out the room. Martin’s parents noticed nothing - the spell making them forget their son while he took the place of Staci.  The powerful magic rippled around Staci, altering everyone around her, rapidly eroding Martin’s memory from everyone she came across.  No one suspected that she was a replacement - all her friends greeted her with the usual awe - and she smoothly handled all the attention that came her way.  The whispers enhanced her confidence, making her as real as the original.  This new Staci was as authentic as the one driving up the interstate towards the state college.  

What was more, this Staci WANTED to stay this way.  All the times she had been awakened to take Staci’s place had influenced the copy - she didn’t want to become Martin again.  She would find a way to make it a reality. . . all the mystic energy Staci used on her was accumulating.  She was using the original’s knowledge to learn her magic skills.  Soon, she would have enough to make the change permanent.  THEN she would be the real Staci forever.  

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  1. so happy to see you captioning again! they are always a joy to read and bring out different emotions depending on the subject. Thank you!


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