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Monday, June 20, 2016

Secret Beauty | A Little Magic, A Lot Of Lipstick

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Made for Kendall

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“Excuse me?  Belle?  Over here!”  She twirled towards the direction of the voice, hands already clasped together as she smoothly entered the optimal pose.  Her smile was automatic, her posture of practiced poise and fluid grace, causing the father photographing her to pause in astonishment.  Even after the flashes went off, she didn’t lose her regal smile, instead aiming it at the child rushing her way.  She scooped the girl into a hug and another flash went off.  In a moment, they were gone, amazed at how well she embodied the character.

She flicked her hair as she walked away, the gold gown giving her the effect of floating as Kendall giggled to herself. She loved the sound and sensation of her pantyhose and knickers rubbing together as she swished around the park. It was such a distinctly feminine action- one that helped with the immersion into the character.  She had heard the other girls complain about the elaborate gowns and costumes they had to wear, but for Kendall, it was a joy.  She loved that most of the staff referred to her as ‘Belle’ out of the costume.  For her, her, it was just more proof that she was good at what she did.  

All of the girls in costume had theatre backgrounds like her, but Kendall had to go an extra mile to land the Belle role.  For one thing, the very identity of Kendall had to be created.  She had crafted the identity to fool the casting leads.  When she had auditioned, they never suspected she was anything more than the beautiful girl she appeared to be.   They hired a girl named Kendall, never knowing the truth inside Kendall’s panties!  That bit had just become another layer to the role: a boy pretending to be a girl pretending to be a princess.  

Learning to be Belle had been a surprise, but she loved the challenge.  All performers had distinct rules about their characters: how to speak, how to move, the distinctive ways to do make-up.    Kendall absorbed it all and applied her own skills to the task. Each aspect of the ritual eased her into it - gliding the glossy color over her lips, using contacts to give her those big expressive eyes.  No one ever suspected a thing thanks to her padding and prosthetics giving her ample curves to fill out her costumes.  And she sighed every time she slid those pantyhose up her smooth legs.  The elegant gloves seemed to give Kendall a royal mindset, reminding her she had to be polished and ladylike during her time in the park.  By the time her heels clicked onto the floor, Belle had come alive - a beauty unparalleled.

While she took her role seriously, the job did have it’s other perks.  The cast was filled with groups of attractive, young performers that easily caught the eye.  As Belle, she may have been a lady during her shift, but she was anything but a fair maiden under the tunnels!  Sure she played the role of the beauty who loved a beast, but the studly Gaston performer had stolen more than kisses behind closed doors.  Lately, Aladdin has been making eyes at her - perhaps it was time for her to show him a whole new world... 

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