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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Show Off | Dont Look Away

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Let Them See. . .

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Don’t look away, baby.  Let him see you.  He needs to see what you’ve done.  You need to see his eyes as he realizes what you’ve become.  

I want him to see MY handiwork and YOUR sacrifice.  I want to see your cheeks when you blush from embarrassment and arousal.  I’ve been waiting to show you off after all this time.  You’re so pretty now - you even think so yourself.  Let him see the feminine pride you take in your newfound beauty.  All your angles gone, all your hard calluses washed away under a sea of soft, milky flesh.  

Show off your creamy breasts, let him see how big you’ve grown.  You’ve been such a good girl and taken your pills.  They’re even bigger than mine.  You’ve earned those curves and worked hard in the gym for them.  I bet he’s going to imagine how good they will feel to play with.  He’s going to see your supple skin.   He’s going to want to run his fingers through your long, silky locks.  He will smell your perfume when he holds you close.  How about those pouty, glossy lips?  Lips he can kiss - lips that can slurp on his cock.  It’s going to drive him wild.

He has to see that none of the boy is left.  He has to know and I want him to see.  Let him smell you, touch you, taste you so he knows that you’re all girl now.  You don’t chase skirts now, you wear them.  See the lust in his eyes?  He’s beginning to understand.  He doesn’t see you as a boy anymore.  You are sexy.  You are feminine.  You are fuckable. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?  To be seen as someone he can fuck?

He sees that now.  When he finally rips those panties off you, he’s going to see how far you went to be his girl.

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