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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Woman In Red | Silken Solutions

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Those Women In Red . . .

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“Who is she?”
“I don’t know but she was on the arm of Mark Hartenburg.”
“Is THAT the beauty who’s been keeping his attention?  Well no WONDER he never responds to my advances.”
“Lucky bitch”

Serena’s creamy red lips curled into a satisfied smile, casually swaying away from the gossiping golddiggers.  She let them watch her as she gracefully slid into another group of party-goers, observing them quietly before asserting her presence.  It only a took a moment, but she was once again the center of attention, charming the group while making it seem too effortless.  The side glance from under her fluttery lashes towards the gossipers caught their bewilderment.  Her own response was a hint of a smile that said “You aren’t worth of my time.”

All night Serena’s name has been on the lips of party-goers: they all wanted to know the identity of the mysterious goddess draped in red who strolled into the party on Mark Hartenburg’s arm.  She was vibrant, sultry and easily the best looking girl in the crowd.  What was more, she was charming everyone and making one of the most eligible bachelors look even more enticing.  If she wasn’t on Mark’s arm being the perfect date, she was navigating the viper’s pit of vixens looking to land a rich sugar daddy.  None of them were a match for Serena’s witty interjections as she smoothly handled all their back-handed jabs disguised as compliments. But probe as they might, none of them could get a clear picture of who she was.  That was all on purpose.  

Serena was there to make Mark look good AND keep the snakes at bay.  She was well educated and talented in many fields.  Her whole image was crafted to make her appear both amazingly approachable yet utterly unobtainable.  

“Who do you work for?”  one girl asked.

“Silk Solutions, a subsidiary of The Ravencroft Group,” she responded in that sultry honeyed voice she’d practiced for so long.  “We are a service group that attends to the needs of our clientele”  It was true in many ways.  The girls of Silk Solutions did provide services - they acted as ideal companions for those in need of them.  Need a date for your company get away?  A girlfriend with your entire history will meet you at the resort.  Does a pop star need to go to rehab but has a 22 date tour to complete?  A talented replacement will meet all of the engagements and perform flawlessly.  Serena and the other girls were experts in their craft.  They were so good that almost no one ever realized that they were all actually male!

In Serena’s case, her client DID know the truth inside her panties.  Mark Hartenburg had a particular taste for her and Silk Solutions was more than happy to oblige.  Serena in particular was trained for the full “girlfriend experience.”  She provided the perfect picture of an educated, affluent woman who was accustomed to the finer things in life. Sabrina only wore tailored couture dresses and clothing.  She walked better in high heels than most women did in flats and you would never catch her looking anything less than utterly flawless.  There would be no slip ups about her true identity - anything that could be an issue was well hidden and all feminine features were enhanced.  No one had any reason to believe she was anything other than a stunningly gorgeous woman!

Serena had been paired with Mark in hopes that he would want to move their relationship beyond  business and things were definitely heading in that direction.  As she sat at the mirror in the bathroom, Serena checked herself over once more.  Tonight she was going to let Mark see the latest “enhancements” she had done to her chest.  The handsome, hunky business man seemed enraptured with her - especially the more feminine she appeared.  However, he made it clear he didn’t want her to go all the way.  He loved that Serena had something special just for him inside her silk panties.  Once the business part of the evening was over, Serena planned on enjoying lots of pleasure with her preferred client.

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