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Friday, June 24, 2016

True Inheritance | Say Yes With The Dress

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The dress was a gift from Mark, tailor made from a French Boutique just for her.  Brittany had been so scared of it - it was so utterly feminine that it frightened her.  

“Think about it,” he told Brittany before leaving for Europe.  “When I come back, we can talk about an answer then.”  That had been six months ago when Brittany had been less sure of her position in life.  At one time, she had believed herself just as capable as Mark but life had shown her differently.

She paced the halls as she waited, the rhythmic clicking of her ivory heels on the marble floor reminding her of how far she had come. She paused when she noticed dark ringlets of hair coiled around her delicate french tips.  When had she adopted such feminine mannerisms?  No doubt they had been spanked into her by the strict instructors Brittany’s stepmother had hired for his “education.”  They had drilled a petulant, spoiled boy until he relented and became Brittany.  Her stepmother had convinced her father that their son wasn’t fit to be the heir to the family business.  Instead, her nephew Mark was brought groomed for the business world while Brittany was given a different education.  

Brittany tried to resist his stepmother’s influence, but it was hard to struggle against her persistence.  Posture and etiquette lessons gave the girlish boy a feminine trait.  Failure to take her pills or to present herself as a proper lady resulted in spankings and other punishments.  Those punishments were the reason why Brittany always freshened up her lipstick every fifteen minutes and kept her salon appointments twice a week. Hormone treatments sapped Brittany of physical strength.  Procedures gave her an angelic face with a small nose and puffy, pouty lips.  The taste and smell of makeup became commonplace.  The forced act became the new normal, each step taking her further away from masculinity.   

Strangely, it was Mark who was her comfort.  He treated Brittany well, never judging her for what her stepmother was making her into.  In fact, he seemed to treat her better the more feminine she appeared.  She valued Mark’s kindness, ye tried to ignore the feelings that were building within her.  

For years, Brittany harbored hope that she could return to her old life once her father died.  But in the last year, she had noticed the candle burning with that hope was growing dim.  Mark’s recent rise to a leadership role in the company saw it flourish into a multi-national conglomerate.  His cleverness and focus made him ideal for the job.  Mark was everything Brittany had believed she was supposed to be - he had everything that was supposed to be hers!  Jealousy should have fueled hatred - but pride and desire were the only emotions she held for Mark.  She couldn’t ignore what was brewing between them, especially after he made his intentions known by presenting her with the dress and a large diamond ring.  

 Her fear had kept her from wearing either because she knew accepting them meant admitting her stepmother was right.  She had known all along what Brittany truly was and now she was living proof.  Fresh from the salon, radiant in her dress awaiting Mark.  It had been adjusted because Brittany had lost several inches around her waist and added two cup sizes to her bosom.  She had taken several steps to show Mark she was no longer going to fight who she was.  By accepting his proposal, she would ultimately give the business over to her stepmother’s family but it was perhaps for the best.  She was more interested in making her man happy.  The ring on her finger was a big sign of proof- she would show him the second sign on their wedding night. 

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