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Monday, June 27, 2016

Statement Making Apparel | Preconceived Notions

So much to say without saying a word.

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All Felicia had to do was follow the rules.  If she wanted to be Felix again all she had to do was get people to take her seriously.  But that was easier said than done when Simone was involved.  Having a witch as a friend was a lot like having a wild animal as a pet;  Even if you loved and cared for it diligently, it could still maw you at any moment.  The wrong comment or slight could set off Simone . . . and Felix always paid tenfold.

“Girl’s don’t dress for men, we dress for other girls!  Our clothing says a million things about us and the judgement can be critical.  Boy’s don’t have to put so much thought into it.  But don’t worry, dear, You can have the girl’s experience too!  I’ll even make it easy for you!

That was how Felix found himself as Felicia - a nubile, petite ingenue beauty.  Normally, when his witchy friend used such spells, she would reverse it after cooling down a few hours later.  This time Simone required Felix to fix it himself.

“Convince someone that what you have to say matters,” she told him.  “Get them to value your words and thoughts and you’ll be Felix again.”  Felix thought it would be simple but Simone stacked the deck against him.  Felix’s educated explanations were robbed of their weight when delivered in a breathy, helium-like tone and from cotton-candy coated lips.  Disagreeing statements sounded like childish pouting, causing everyone to dismiss anything she said.  She was unable to reach anything at her diminutive height and everyone wanted to pick her up.  She was a living, breathing toy to the rest of the world - especially to men.

But Simone’s true curse awaited Felicia each day in her closet.  Every morning a new outfit was magically added to her wardrobe and the magic’s compulsions demanded Felicia wear it.  Each one was skimpy and revealing.  Worst of all the tops always had some childish, suggestive slogan or phase on them.  They seemed to become progressively worse each day, making her look more and more adolescent and immature.  It was a clever way to deter Felicia as she tried desperately to break the spell.  Alas, nothing she said could change anyone’s mind - Felicia’s clothing was speaking before she had a chance to open her mouth.

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  1. Hurray for the return of Simone and Felicia! Again a wonderful merging of picture and caption. Felicia just needs to wait a few years and then every guy will be agreeing with her!


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