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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Fixer: Payback | Closed Account [Explicit]

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Candy learns to pay her debts. 

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She walked on the edge of the circle, the echoing clicks of her heels the only way sign of her presence in the dank warehouse.

“I do not do personal vendettas, Mr. Sims,” her sultry voice called from the darkness.  “and I assure you, this is not personal.”  She finally stepped into the light, tight clothing as black as the darkness she emerged from.  “I simply cannot have clients who choose not to pay for services.”  Her graceful fingers were cool as she touched him, dragging an icy sensation from one shoulder to the other.  He shivered, skin tingling where her finger had been.  

“You are about to experience my services first hand, Mr. Sims.”  She sat in his lap and tilted his chin up so she could stare down at him.  Her blue eyes were as beautiful as the rest of her yet just as cool as her touch.  Her gaze paralyzed Jeff to the point that the binds keeping him in place were pointless.  Her dangerous edge of her aura made his blood run cold.  And yet he still wanted her.  As if reading his mind, he felt her lips upon his.  When he groaned her tongue invaded his mouth, as icy as her fingers.  Her breath was like mint, cool as the winter’s chill.  It entered his lungs and burned like crisp wind, making Jeff woozy.  He heard her giggle as her lips demanded more, draining him of energy.

Jeff’s vision blurred as she continued her intimate assault, igniting lusts while rendering him unable to act on them.  Soon her lips trailed down his chin while her slender fingers gingerly unfastened his buttons.  A pleasurable arctic tingle lingered where she touched him, rippling and morphing as she worked.  Her tongue played over his chest and made him groan out in a soft tambre.  “This is how I made your enemies disappear, Mr. Sims” she purred as his body reshaped and compacted itself.  “I took away their lives and made them my property.  My kind were called succubi in your legends but we have much more power than people realize.”  Jeff whimpered as his body softened under the dark woman’s touch, unable to stop her as she robbed him of his masculinity.  He struggled to speak but no words came.  The pleasure of her touch was clouding his mind.  All he could concentrate on was the pleasure of his changing body.  

He squealed when her tongue found a nipple, more sensitive than he remembered.  “Oooh i like the sound of that, dear,” she whispered.  “Your breasts will be very sensitive.  My clients like to hear their whores scream.”  The captive changeling squirmed against her bonds as the magic spread to her clothing.  Wingtips shifted and arched upward until they were heels, pants tightened around legs until they were silky sheer stockings.  A scandalously mini skirt stretched itself while hips flared and swelled. The rapid changes bombarded Jeff until he was overwhelmed mentally and physically by the dark woman’s influence.  Eventually the magic won it’s war with him, forcing his manhood to retreat into his body and reshape itself into the petals of femininity.  

The new woman mewed softly as her mind filled with carnal images of debaucherous sex.  She no longer resisted as her captor lavished her body with attentions.  “You’ll be following in the footsteps of your rivals, Ms. Sims.  I broke them down and remade them into profitable sluts and you will be as well.  In fact, I’ll make sure you fetch double their price - I have to make up for what you didn’t pay me.”  The blonde prisoner cooed while the dark woman pressed a bit of duct tape to her glossy lips.  “The Fixer ALWAYS gets paid.  One way or another.”


  1. The Fixer may not do personal vendetta's Miss Simone, but she surely does seem to relish engaging in 'personnel' vendetta, swelling the ranks of her harem with both client & target!

    I'm incline to contract her services with the intent breaching it in hopes of having her deliver a wondrous new breech which needs filling!


  2. I wonder what happens if she uses her powers on someone who embraces the changes, rather than fighting them...


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