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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Pretty Truth | Maternal Ambition

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She always knows best...

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If he had been stronger, he could have resisted.  However, trying to withstand his mother’s steely gaze of determination was like facing down a tsunami.  Felix’s resolve wilted in the face of his mother’s insistence further emasculating the young man. He listened to her scolding as he soaked in the floral-scented bathwater.  The sweet, flowery oils saturated his skin until he was buttery-soft and smooth all over.  

His mother insisted that it was only right he indulge her this one time as she wrapped the padded bra around his torso.  Felix questioned how temporary the situation might be as he touched the lacy garment.   He did not dare give voice to his concerns, however, as the lacy panties slid up his legs and nestled between his crack.  The sensations the feminine garments were stirring within Felix confused him.  Such finery was off limits to males yet he could not deny the silk and satin felt delicious against his body.  The conflicting emotions swirled about his mind until Felix was too dizzy to think of resisting his mother.

The champagne slip around his body only added to the confusion.  Each step his mother took added another layer of shame and discomfort to his psyche.  However the feminine immersion  also created a feeling of anticipation.  How would the eyeshadow transform his eyes?  What would the french-tip manicure look like when she was done?  Why did the swishy sensation of pantyhose feel so good?  Why did he like the slick glossy feeling of lipstick on his lips?  By the time she he was zipped up into his dress, he saw no sign of his male self.

“I’d like to see Martha Mayfield outdo this!” his mother said as she worked on her own appearance.  “She won’t be on the tea club committee for long after today.  Don’t lean and slouch, Felicia!  You’ll ruin your hair!  A proper young lady stands straight.”

A proper young lady.  That was what she was.  No amount of denial could undo her mother’s work.  She had been fooling herself all this time.  It was a sad realization but she did not fight it: She was her mother’s daughter after all.


  1. No comments on this one yet? People don't appreciate a well crafted tale that isn't wank fodder I guess!

    Where are all the damn sissies at? Simone just gave you a sweet little treat and she gets silence! Give her some respect and appreciation!

    Simone sweetie? This needs to be turned into a longer story. Perhaps Felix' mom competing somehow with the Mayfields to control and/or feminize their sons. It feels like a Sissy Dani story from back in the 90's!

    1. I feel like it could be expanded but after such a frigid reception ....

      If people only want wank fodder they might be rather dissatisfied with things around here late. Sure, there's some racy stuff but I haven't be as focused on those stories.

      I'll take your suggestion into consideration.

  2. So once again you create something so truely sensual.
    oh the feeling of silk satin.
    the feeling that you can get from wearing a bra.
    whywearing pantyhose feels so good.
    Thatfeeling of wearing eyeshadow and lipstick
    oh my..
    Great cap Simone

  3. Now if only this happened to me in my childhood...

    What a dream!


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