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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Freed From Fear | Release [Explicit]

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Don't you worry about a thing, you're free now....

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Where would you be if I wasn’t there to push you?  You would have never reached your full potential.  If we hadn’t gotten together then Jony would be middling about life, too afraid of life to take a chance.  Fear is paralyzing, babygirl, but that’s why you needed me.  A girl like me has no limits, no fear.  I needed to free you from your fear.  That’s why we are here now, Aika.  I found your fear on your computer.  All your desires locked away in files and browser history.  There was a slut lurking inside you, dying to get out.  

So this is the first taste of what’s to come, Aika.  The first of many cocks for you to suck off and it’s your best friend!  I even sweetened the experience by fucking him first so you can taste my betrayal along with your shame.  I bet THAT makes your new pussy tingle with embarrassment.  You get to be with a real man so you can see why this was the best choice for you, babe.  While he’s fucking you senseless, recording the entire thing so all your friends can see it, I’ll be waiting for you to finally break and admit that you weren’t truly a man.  I want you to look into the camera and let everyone know that you are free of your fear and that you are an unabashed, cock-craving whore.    When you do that, when you finally let go. . .then you won’t have to look back.  Jony will be a memory. . . Aika will be forever.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Simone,
    This explains where that fine line exists of our fantasy, (about being discovered) and actually being discovered.
    It's a line that a lot of us walk the tight rope on, some more often then others.
    I think I'll just take a step over the line today
    Great job!!!


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