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Monday, February 17, 2014

Custom Body Work | Personal Vacation

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Kendall had some work done....

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The golden packaging shimmered as Alex slid it from the suitcase.  His fingers carefully pried the garment from the fancy packing material; he wanted to savor every moment of the occasion.  A glass of champagne to calm the nerves, a silky bubble bath and some soothing mood music to get him in the right frame of mind.

He always loved wearing bodysuits but tonight would be different.  This time Alex would be indulging a deeply wicked fantasy.  He slid the his legs into the suit and felt it slowly bond with his body.  His toes wiggled as he thought of his sexy neighbor Kendall.  He had spent long hours imagining what her sexy legs felt like and they looked even more amazing up close.  As the stretchy material enveloped his waist, Alex felt his little soldier vanish and his ass expand.  The delicious sensation of his new posterior made the young man swoon.  Another sip of champagne calmed him down and warmed his new feminine petals.  After a few deep breaths he pulled the rest of it up, not bothering to stop until it sealed itself onto his body.  With one long gasp the suit sealed up around his head and Alex was gone.

Kendall fluttered her feathery lashes as she stretched, her new curves jiggling.  She turned in the mirror, arching her back as she pushed her chest out.  The sensual tug of weight on her chest stirred desire.  

“I’m Kendall” the former male cooed in sultry dulcet tones.  Two weeks in Europe as her sexy neighbor!  She never took her eyes off her new contours as she donned a chic skirt and blouse.  She couldn’t wait to take in the sights and browse the Parisian shops for elegant clothes!  Perhaps she’ll even have a little holiday tryst with a suave exotic stud … or two.


  1. Very nice cap. What a dream vacation

  2. Mmm. I said it at the Haven and I'll say it here again, I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for this delicious morsel!


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