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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Aromatherapy | Feminine Fragrance

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Do you enjoy the smell?

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She always took a moment to enjoy the sweet aroma of her favorite flower.  It was especially soothing after a morning romp through the garden.  Wendy loved basking in the warm sun much like the plants in her garden, often topless to let her abundant breasts sway and jiggle free.  

She knew her love for nature had something to do with her flower, but she choose not to question it too much.  It had given her enough gifts and she didn’t want to spoil the magic.  The delicious nectar of the flower was responsible for Wendy’s cherished curves.  The more she indulged in the syrupy- sweet ambrosia the more feminine she became.  It had taken a little over six months for Wendy’s delicate flesh to overtake her masculine form and now she was supple and voluptuous.  Even now, Wendy continued to partake in the sinfully decadent nectar making herself even more curvaceous.  Eventually, she would have to stop when she found her ideal body. . . . but today wasn’t that day.

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