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Friday, February 14, 2014

Closer Inspection | Quality Assurance

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Look closer when preparing to buy a product...

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"Even with closer inspection, it's nearly impossible to see the subject’s masculinity.  The special mask blends to the skin and melts the hard lines.  This gives our makeup artists a blank canvas to craft each new sissy made to order.  Here, the lips are richly colored and extremely feminine, as are the eyes.  Once we attach and bond the wig to the head, she will be undetectable.  From here, we will attach the prosthetics selected by the client and lock the clitty away in a special cage DNA linked to the new master or mistress.  

In wardrobe, we take measurements and begin work outfitting the sissy with clothing selected by the client.  If you want a latex bondage slut, we can make it happen.  A mincing vintage housewife?  A demure girl next door?  A frilly over the top plastic doll?  A high gloss socialite?  They can all be yours once you give us your specifications.  

As you know, no sissy is complete without training.  This particular one is getting the Gold Package - she will be taught to be as feminine and demure as possible.  Her behavior will be tilted to be extremely submissive and shy, especially towards Alpha males and females.  This sissy will also be given professional domestic service skills and burlesque courtesan training.  She will be the proper submissive lady whore for her owner and we guarantee our work.  We even provide yearly training reinforcement sessions as part of customer care.  At no additional charge we will add new traits and skills to give our clients new experiences.

While most of our product is selected from our stable, we WILL craft sissies from husbands, brothers, sons and individuals selected by the client.  I can see some of you are interested in this particular model but I’m afraid she’s already paid for.  If you would like to come to the stables with me, we can begin the selection process...


  1. Mmm... A superlative service which I know will get much use among my society friends. They won't be able to resist having their interests piqued and their passions inflamed.

  2. Oh my goodness, where do I begin with this one? This is such an erotic caption for me, especially with the way you describe the transformation and conditioning process...you do such a good job with it. I can't believe I hadn't seen this one until now! I love it!


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