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Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Spice Of Life" or "Island Wish" [EXPLICIT]

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Get away from it all. . . including yourself.

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  1. Hot and very sexy, it left me smouldering here with an unexpected ending.Oh only to be in Kisara's shoes...
    Regards belinda

  2. This one made me feel really nice. I like drawn art versus photographs in captions about the same, but I think part of why anime captions work so well is the range of subjects and poses they cover that you just couldn't hope to find a good photo of- and this is a definitely a case in point.

    But what's really sweet about this for me is the relationship. I love that the story emphasizes again and again how much Kisara turns RJ on, excites him and makes him lose control; but the emphasis isn't on humiliation or revenge or domination or any other negative thing, but instead on RJ being so enamored that he's inspired to spontaneously announce his desire for a committed relationship. I think that's sort of the essence of the archetypal female fantasy: A man saying, "Baby, you're so hot that you make me want to settle down." It's this beautiful blending of lost-in-the-moment, unrestrained hedonism, and deep heartfelt, emotions and dreams about the future.

    Secondarily, this is also a very nice example of playing around with the two-sided coin of seduction. The whole caption drips with "Oh-how-I-want-him-but-I-really-shoudn't...". What's so lovely about that here is that the resistance is not mocked or forced past, but that RJ is willing and eager to take some time to seduce Kisara- whispering dirty things to her, touching her and teasing her. Like the part about inspiring commitment, for me sometimes the hottest thought is the thought that someone is so into me they're willing to put up with my resistance until it breaks. And again, I love that this caption is so overwhelmingly positive, and that there's no hint that Kisara is somehow diminished as a person when she finally gives in- quite the contrary, she comes across as having blossomed in to a healthy, happy, deeply contented young mother-to-be.

    This is one of my all-time favorites of yours.

    1. Such a surprising and pleasant comment! Thank you!

      I rarely do art/anime captions because it's rare to find the pictures that would fit the types of stories I enjoy. This came from a person's preferences folder and I crafted it especially for them. It's also a bit more explicit than my normal fare but it definitely fit the story. If I find more acceptable images then perhaps I will do more.


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