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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Position Filled" or "Delightfully Sexy, Kelly Refined"

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These tips always pay the tab.  Made for Kelly.

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Position Filled Transcript:

Every moment was harder for Kelly.  She knew she should walk out of the restaurant and change back into Kevin but she simply didn’t WANT to.  She loved her new life.  She liked being pretty.  People called her New York accent sexy and she loved flirting with men.  She loved looking in the mirror and seeing her sultry reflection.  She loved the sway in her ass and all the attention it got when she passed a booth of drunken boys.  Their lustful stares made Kelly horny and encouraged customers to slip bigger tips between her bountiful bosom.  Being a hot twenty-something was infinitely better than being a silly high school boy.  Now she was a teenage boy’s walking wet dream and she loved it!

What was more, everything was becoming easier for the Kelly. Every crass compliment fed her ego.  Every jiggle and sway of her lush curves brought more pleasure. She didn’t need to fake her accent anymore.  The sexy wiggle in her hips was now her natural walk.  She couldn’t turn her flirty personality off even if she wanted to.  And now, she was finding a lot of her customers attractive.  It was harder each night for her  to go back to Kevin’s world and lately she found every excuse she could to avoid it.  The vision of Kevin was fading more into the background, the influence of her old self slipping.  Kelly was gaining a sense of purpose as well as a stronger grip on control.  Still, there was a way to stop it . . .

A sexy regular had taken a liking to Kelly.  While she usually flirted with all her customers, his number was the only one Kelly kept.  So far she had avoided his advances because giving in meant making the spell permanent.  She thought about him all night during her shift, then decided to send him a picture with the following message:


She hit send, knowing he would take the bait. Kevin wasn’t coming back tonight.


  1. Sealed!
    A great storyline that i'm sure Kelly would love.

  2. Thanks again for this terrific caption, Simone!

  3. That regular would have to be a fool not to take her up on that offer!

    With a body like that, it's not wonder why Kelly's loving being a woman so much! Very nice use of an amateur/candid photo! It integrated quite well with the caption!

  4. A very different Hooters Cap, dealing more with the mental changes and temptations. I enjoyed for the creativity of the approach, text and color scheme!!


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