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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Lord To Lady" or "The New Lady Of The House"

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Victoria is the new Lady of the house.

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Victoria read through a lot of my captions before they see this blog or anywhere else.  I look through old captions and am almost ashamed of the grammatical errors I see in them.  What's more, Victoria is the queen of simplicity in design.  She can use the visual aspect of her captions to tell a better story than some can do with paragraphs of prose.  I am lucky I get to pick her and Caitlyn's brains from time to time.

That being said, I have to work hard to make sure that when I make something for Victoria that is comes out right!  She loves high fashion as much as I do and often from a different slant.  If you apply now she might be willing to take you on as one of her new maids!  Positions are limited so act now!

Lord To Lady Transcript:

Her manicured hand slid across the polished coffin, crimson lips unable to hide a look of satisfaction.  

“Uncle Vincent, you gave so much to me,” she said just loud enough for those in the front to hear her.  “I would never be here now if you didn’t fight so hard for me.”  She turned and strode away, not bothering to wait for the pastor to finish the final rites.  Victoria didn’t turn her eyes away from the scornful looks of the others in attendance - she knew they what they thought of her and she truthfully loved it.  Instead of retaliating, she let her happiness, her colorful choice of attire and her beauty do all the speaking for her.  

She had anticipated their ire - ever since she had been announced to the world as Lord Vincent’s niece.  The reclusive noble rarely left his estate as Kline Hall, so it fell to the new “Lady Kline” to represent the family publicly.  Her racy attire, love of nightlife and extravagant living had scandalized the other noble families.  All attempts to contact Lord Vincent to control his new ward fell on deaf ears.  Victoria continued with her exploits and refused to even consider marrying any of the sons of these royal wretches.  Whispers of her unique sexual appetites and the extravagant private parties Victoria threw traveled around.  Everyone knew she had fired all the male staff and replaced them with young maids.  She was royalty's black sheep - the bad girl they did not want but could not deny.  

All of it made her smile as her red heels clicked towards the waiting limo.  It was her life and she would choose to live it, especially now that she no longer had to continue with the charade of “Lord Kline.”  His “Death” assured Victoria that she never had to return to her old life.  She could shatter the old statue on her vanity and make sure she never turned male again.  Of course, she still had access to all of Vincent’s tomes on magic and the occult.  She still had his power but now she had the youth and beauty to cunningly use it to enjoy herself, and she couldn’t wait to celebrate with some of her favorite toys at home.

“I wonder which girl I should play with tonight,” she mused as she slid into the car. “Wendy, Ariel, Dee or Gemma. . . oh why not all of them at once!  Driver, back to Kline Hall, I have so much to do.”

“Yes, Lady Victoria.”  the blonde beauty at the wheel said. 


  1. Intoxicating caption, Mistress. The application's in the mail!


  2. Wonderful Caption. I love a good transformation CAP. >:)

  3. love everything about this cap!

  4. Simply wicked! Wonderful choice of a photo! Sounds like Lady Victoria is going to have a marvelous time from now on!

  5. Loved this, and the elegance of its setting and machinations fit Lady V to a T!!

    Sidenote, LOVED the red heels with the green dress, and the fact that you played with it both in the Cap design and Preview Stamp!!


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