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Friday, July 26, 2013

Simone Recommends: July 2013

Recently I talked about TG caption creators leaving the TG fiction community at large.  After reading the comments from that post, I decided to try something a little different.  If you are here, then it's a safe bet that you enjoy TG/TF/CD captions and fiction.  There are a wide swath of caption & fiction sites out there but almost on one knows them all.  Even sites that do serve track them are so massive it can be a daunting task to try to slide through everything

I won't even BEGIN to try to keep track of them all - it's too massive an undertaking and others already do it.  So I'm just going to try to find blogs and sites I like and give them a little spotlight to readers.  Some of these blogs you might know.  However, they are new to SOMEONE and for the moment they are new to ME.....

That said, if you know of some blogs or sites to try, please leave a recommendation, email and/or a link!  I'll be more than happy to see what the fuss is about and hopefully I'll give it a highlight in another post.  However, be mindful of a few things:

  • I won't be highlighting or visiting pay sites so keep those to yourself.  Also if you post links to those kinds of sites (or sites that link heavily to those) then I'll erase your comment.  
  • If your site has malicious content and spyware then I will not only NOT recommend it but I will report it.  

  • I want to try to keep things about active blogs.  Dormant ones have their place but not here.

Everyone understand?  Good!  Let's begin with the first recommendations!

Our first blog is call A Tights Spot. The images feature lovely models wearing some type of stockings or nylons.  I thought the image selection was rather nice and the stories seemed fun from what I read.  They tend to be on the lighter side and range from magic to CD style stories.  The blog owner seems to keep fairly active so you should have a steady stream of content.  The stories are also not very long so reading the caps there isn't a heavy investment on time.

The Caption is from A Tights Spot Blog.  Click to go to blog and caption.

 Next up is a blog known as Ivy's Little Secret.   The stories seem to lean towards CD and magic transformations.  Images are of lovely models and most are well dressed.  The writing is very solid and reminded me a lot of Kendall's Captions.  If you love sexy stories about being a passable cross-dresser or solid transformation stories then you will find this one a very enjoyable.  The only downside is that Ivy is admittedly sporadic about her posting.  Not a mega ton of content but it's a nice quality.  

Caption from "Ivy's Little Secret." Click on image to go to blog and caption!

Niemand is one of the relative newcomers over at Rachel's Haven but jumped into caption making with both feet. Recently she's started her own blog and she keeps posting regularly.  Her stories vary as she makes them for a number of different people, but the stories are solid and you'll always have something new to read!  What's more, you'll find captions in German, so if you are bilingual it's a lovely little easter egg.

Caption from Niemand's Captions. Click to view blog and full image

Finally, we come to Amanda's Reading Room.  Her blog has a host of material from captions, stories with images and full stories.  You'll find plenty of stuff to enjoy as her archives go back to 2008.  You'll be busy a long time.

Click image to go to Amanda's Reading Room and read "A View To A Kill"

That wraps everything up.  I'll be counting on you readers to point me towards new sites, forums and the like so I will have more material for later.  New caps will be up very shortly.  Until next time!


  1. Thank You for that really rather splendid idea Mistress. You are so right so many sites so little time to sort through them all so giving them a spot really helps. A Tights Spot looks like the kind that would hold my interests having scanned it.The clear favourite for me.
    Ivy's reminds me of aspects of Yours -well laid out and sexy (in a not crude way). It's one i'd follow, but then You probably knew that! .
    Niamand's is interesting, very much written revealing the personality of subjects she made them for.There's just something about that type of caption site you can't resist.
    Amanda's place is different and I like the minimalist layout of past posts, making it easy to skim through.
    Regards belinda

  2. i would like to recommend, Serena Starz TG Captions, she to over for Elena Starz when she stops. Her blog focuses on turning men to bimbos. This is an example of people stepping up to replace those who leave that you were talking about in recently

    1. I do know of both Sarena and Elena and I'm toying with putting Serena's blog up.

  3. Hello Mistress, thank you for the shoutout! I must apologise for the lack of updates; creative drought is a common thing for me; add a busy schedule to it and I couldn't update as much as I want to. About writing, you're right to say my caption style reminds of Kendall's because she is my inspiration for it, so I must thank her as well.

    I really enjoy your works and will be looking forward to your future caps!

    1. We ALL fight with the demands of life as well as lack of inspiration. I didn't make captions for about a year at one point in time and I've had to step away from my blog before. I'm learning how to plan for such situations however.

      Regardless, what you have time for, many appreciate and I can honestly say I've quite enjoyed what I've seen from you!

  4. This is such a great idea Simone! And I definitely agree about Ivy's blog! I absolutely LOVE her disguise caps. I find them so scrumptious. I do wish she could make more content, but I understand about time. I have periods where my activity is next to nil too. But the caps she does have up are definitely worth the read! I personally enjoyed them very very much!

    1. I did see your comments there and I started to wonder if you weren't a bit of her inspiration!

  5. Great idea, definitely filling some inspirational holes!

  6. Love your thoughts and views on sites. If it's too much to do monthly, perhaps you can switch off with interesting stories you've read on Fictionmania or elsewhere?

    Please do keep this feature going, I really enjoyed it!!


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