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Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Better Wife | Business & Pleasure

Let me Upgrade You

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The Better Wife | Business & Pleasure

Kendall’s fingers traced the collar of her husband’s shirt as he drew her closer.  She took a moment to admire her manicured nails, then leaned her head against his shoulder.  They swayed together as the music played, the night getting late as the champagne warmed Kendall.  The liquor also fueled her libido as she danced against Mark’s firm physique and based on the erection tapping her thigh, it was having the same effect on her husband.  Both of them were basking in success: they had dazzled everyone at the conference with their presentations and had a long list of orders to fill when they returned home.  The next four days could be spent casually schmoozing with potential clients as they treated the rest of their stay at the resort as an extended vacation.  

“You were so dashing,” she whispered to Mark.  “Everyone had their eyes on you the whole night.”  

“Oh I know you’re lying because everyone was captivated by YOU.”  Kendall couldn’t help but smile.  She had felt their eyes on her as she stood by her man.  “I’m surprised anyone listened to a word I said, everyone wanted to meet my beautiful wife.”  The corners of her painted lips curled into a devious smile at that.  All those people she mingled with at the party thought she was Mark’s wife.  She held onto his arm, interjected her quips and thoughts when needed, drawing attention to her man whenever she could.  Everything a good wife did for her man.  

Something she was very good at.  Better than the original Kendall could ever be.

For all intensive purposes, she was the same woman that was waiting at home for Mark.  There were some differences, however.  The person impersonating Kendall had elected to make improvements on the original.  Her bust was more pronounced, almost two cup sizes more.  Her waist thinner while her hips thicker.  It all gave this Kendall a more defined hourglass silhouette.  Her lips were a poutier and her eyes were just a bit wider. All the subtle adjustments added up to turn her into a more stunning upgrade.  

Mark’s business partner had designed the bodysuit to be an improvement on the original Kendall.  It was part of the thrill of it for him - being a better version of the original woman.  It all went well beyond the physical - this game Mark and his partner played required dedication.  

Years of observation had taught him how to BE Kendall.  All her mannerisms and tendencies had to be learned.  That distinctive sway she had in heels was a must, as was that voice (Her voice was a bit breathier than the original but it was all on purpose!).  When he became Kendall on these business trips, he used the same shampoo, the same cosmetics, perfume - even some of the same jewelry!  He even carried the same phone wrapped in the same case.  It was total immersion, so complete that when he slipped into that bodysuit and sealed the mask, he truly BECAME her.  The impersonator went from being best friend and partner to loving wife.  She didn’t even shy away from her wifely duties; indeed those were one of the things she enjoyed most about this little game!

She and Mark had played the game for years, following strict rules to keep the ruse going.  The second Kendall never appeared at home - only on “business trips.”  In reality, many of those trips were fabricated so that they could enjoy some alone time together!  While the original wife sat at home, the better Kendall jet setted around the world on the arms of her man.  Sandy beaches to show off her bikini body, dinners with the Eiffel Tower as the backdrop; As a woman, the impersonator lived a dream life that the original Kendall would have been envious of!  

Mark had made it known which version of his wife he preferred when he switched the original wedding ring out and presented it to the woman in his arms.  The original now wore a copy and had no idea!  It seemed like such a complicated game, but it was one they both enjoyed immensely.  She could have been “the real” wife if she had wanted and there was certainly temptation to assume the role permanently.  And yet, there was so much she enjoyed about her unique status.  She was both the wife AND the other woman.  It was the thrill of getting her man and being the wicked woman he sneaks off to be with.  Being able to walk both lines at once was a pleasure unparalleled.  Plus, there was the knowledge that she could be the actual wife if she wanted.  A few soft whispers while in bed with Mark would convince him to make it all official.  It would mean living as a woman full time but that certainly didn’t bother her.

If Kendall ever did decide to take that step, she would have to create a few new bodysuits and identities.  Then she and Mark could have all the affairs they wanted. . .together. 


  1. Nice caption; I enjoyed it.

    Just a note: "All intents and purposes" rather than "all intensive purposes".


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